22 December 2017

The Perfect Gift: SM Gift Cards

Are you rushing to find that perfect gift?  Look no more as SM introduces their SM gift cards.  These are not your ordinary gift cards, but rather one that has been thought of quite well.  You can make your gift cards even more special with their Limited Edition Gift Card Sleeves for just Php 20.00.  Like this one that is specially designed for the Christmas season. 


19 December 2017

A Quick Birthday Getaway

A friend recently asked me, "Tina, what do you want for your birthday?"  It took me a while to answer her question but later on I answered and said  "Nothing in particular, what I really want is to spend my birthday out of town.  That would really make me happy."  This actually came true as I spent my birthday away from the city with my husband, Mickey.  We spent 3 days in Baguio and 2 days in Subic Bay, both of which are my favorite "happy places" in the North.

For me, what's important is time, but not just ordinary time, but one that will make great memories.  Honestly, I was a bit happy that on our second day in Baguio, for some reason, the LTE signal was terrible.  I actually enjoyed being unplugged, which is quite an unnatural feeling considering I do keep an online presence.  But just for this one time, I welcome the cooperation of a bad signal to actually immerse in the good cold weather of Baguio.

Here are some of the photos we took on my birthday.


13 December 2017

Gifts She'll Love: Burt's Bees Christmas Gift Sets

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you still haven't found the right gift for the women in your life, well, fret no more as Burt's Bees has perfectly curated Christmas Gift Sets that they'll surely love.  What's also nice about these gift sets is that the packaging is so pretty that there is no need to wrap them at all, just add a nifty red ribbon, a tag and you're good to go.  These beauty gifts sets will surely bring a smile to her face.


11 December 2017


There is a trend that I am loving recently, and for me it couldn't have come any sooner - It is the love for anything local.  Whether its being a tourist in our own country, exploring any of our 7,107 islands, going back to our roots and rediscovering local cuisines, finding our intricately designed accessories and fashion being revered even in foreign countries, as well as skilled craftsmanship in terms of furniture-making.  Right now, It's a good time to celebrate all things Philippine-made.

With this wave of loving all things local, a homegrown beverage brand called Locally was recently launched, a first of its kind, serving unique all-Pinoy flavors never before released.  With Locally, you get a taste of different regions in the Philippines with its ten indigenous flavors with really unique names.


08 December 2017

Big Guys Pizza, Home of the 36-inch Pizza

When watching home movies during weekends, we always order a box of party size pizza at a famous pizza delivery just for the two of us.  But we were wondering if it were really "party size" then how come two persons with a big appetite are able to finish it?  Well, here's the answer to our question, Big Guys Pizza recently sent us their 36" pizza and they weren't kidding when they said that "We make 'em Big".

When the pizza was being delivered at our condo, the lobby guard asked Mickey "if there is someone celebrating a birthday party today?"  Now, this is a truly party size pizza!  Mickey had to assist the delivery guy as it can't fit the elevator door, it can only go in by tilting the pizza box diagonally.  I was laughing as they were bringing in the pizza, I told the delivery guy that I've never seen a pizza this big.  We even have to clear our Christmas table setting temporarily to make way for it.  Before digging in, we just had to take a photo of how real and big this is.


07 December 2017

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory opens in Molito, Alabang

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is based in the charming town of Durango, on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Colorado, USA.  From its 53,000 square foot factory, they produce an extensive line of approximately 300 premium chocolate candies and other confectionery products, using proprietary recipes developed primarily by their master candy maker.

Their fine line of chocolate products include many varieties of clusters, caramels, creams, meltaways, truffles and molded chocolates.  You'll also find in individual stores a variety of caramel and candy apples, fudge, chocolate items and confections in full view of the customer using traditional cooking methods.


06 December 2017

Fifth Rack opens in White Plains

Fifth Rack, is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle store that houses up and coming brands. It also features some products that you can't find in malls or other retails stores, plus some popular global brands as well. Their first store in BF Paranaque has become a go-to store for fashionistas in the South for unique fashion items from rising local brands and designers.  Recently, Fifth Rack opened their second store in the North (in White Plains, Quezon City), which makes me happy, this second branch is near me, woohoo!

Miel Villamor, Owner of Fifth Rack, shares "I'd like Fifth Rack to be a one-stop shop for all sorts of unique apparel for men and women, but also items for kids, home items, and beauty products.  We want to establish the image that we have something for everyone, from teens, to young professionals to even moms and titas." 

This proves to be true during my visit to Fifth Rack, they had a good selection of brands in the categories of fashion, beauty, home essentials and even food items.  There is also a clear sign of promoting homegrown brands, unique finds and some popular global brands as well.  Surely, there is something that would catch your eye.  Here are some of the products you'll find at Fifth Rack, White Plains:

Packable and convertible shopping bag and backpack from Notabag


01 December 2017

School of Satchel x KeepCup

It's only a few weeks before Christmas, and everyone is in a rush to buy the perfect gift for their friends and family.  Recently, I learned about School of Satchel and KeepCup and they definitely have products that are perfect for gifts this Christmas.

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