19 December 2017

A Quick Birthday Getaway

A friend recently asked me, "Tina, what do you want for your birthday?"  It took me a while to answer her question but later on I answered and said  "Nothing in particular, what I really want is to spend my birthday out of town.  That would really make me happy."  This actually came true as I spent my birthday away from the city with my husband, Mickey.  We spent 3 days in Baguio and 2 days in Subic Bay, both of which are my favorite "happy places" in the North.

For me, what's important is time, but not just ordinary time, but one that will make great memories.  Honestly, I was a bit happy that on our second day in Baguio, for some reason, the LTE signal was terrible.  I actually enjoyed being unplugged, which is quite an unnatural feeling considering I do keep an online presence.  But just for this one time, I welcome the cooperation of a bad signal to actually immerse in the good cold weather of Baguio.

Here are some of the photos we took on my birthday.

The Manor at Camp John Hay was decked out in Holiday Décor, and we are just too glad to take photos.

We all become members of this club at one point, haha! 
But with good reason, if only to stay away from negativity and embrace only what's positive.

There was a special "Santa's Village" that was set up, where kids and adults can do fun activities and enjoy some special treats as well.

The Krispy Kreme booth was decked out like a gingerbread house. 

Where they also sold holiday-themed donuts.

We had dinner at Chef Billy King's Le Chef Restaurant at The Manor.  It was quite a special night as it was also the first day to officially open their Christmas festivities.  There was a ballet performance of "The Nutcracker", a rondalla performance of Christmas songs, a light and sound display, and later on a fireworks display.  It was a night that filled the senses and it was truly unforgettable.  

A harpist and flutist performed as we had dinner that night.

The garden of The Manor lit up with Christmas lights.

It was a memorable birthday, and a special one.   

Thank you to all of you who sent me birthday messages.
It was definitely a Happy Birthday.

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