08 April 2017

Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room

There is a new restaurant that has just opened at the Ayala Malls The 30th.  Toast Asian Kitchen and Tasting Room serves up Asian food with a unique twist and a modern touch.  Each dish is meticulously prepared by their chefs with premium ingredients that you'll surely savor in the food that they prepare.

In Toast's menu, you'll find unique Asian food combinations like the Gyozig (Japanese dumplings stuffed with sisig) and the Salted Egg Crème Brulee (a burst of sweet and salty in every spoonful).  For a true local touch, they also have their signature Vigan Longanisa Pasta (Fusilli pasta with garlicky tomato cream sauce topped with Authentic Vigan Longanisa).   

Thumbs up to these dishes we've tried at Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room:

Seared Salmon Linguini
Linguini tossed in nori cream sauce topped with seared salmon
Php 449.00 

Chicken and Pomelo Salad
Grilled chicken thigh and fresh pomelo tossed in salad greens
drizzled with coconut vinaigrette dressing
Php 215.00

Thai Basil Chicken Poppers
Bite-size chicken pieces deep fried and tossed in nuoc mam sauce and fresh basil
for a sweet and savory finish
Php 228.00

Quesong Puti Croquettas
Breaded quesong puti deep fried to perfection served with Toast's
very own tomato laksa dipping sauce
Php 299.00

Toast's take on a classic Singaporean dish with a twist, using squid ink
to enhance the coconut broth making the dish richer in flavor
Php 355.00

Twice Cooked Pork with Salted Egg Fried Rice
Braised and seared pork belly tossed in honey and garlic served on top of salted egg fried rice
Php 475.00

Wagyu beef with Chinese broccoli
Stir fried Wagyu cubes that melt in your mouth with Chinese broccoli in teriyaki sauce
Php 665.00

Tom Yum Meatballs
Pork meatballs seasoned with tom yum spices smothered in tom yum sauce
and melted cheddar cheese
Php 249.00

Wagyu Cubes

Tapioca and Mango Trifle
Tapioca layered with ripe mango and broas
Php 108.00

Dark Chocolate Mousse
Batangas tablea chocolate mousse with cream and chocnut powder
Php 128.00

Cocktails are given a twist by renowned Singaporean mixologist Jason Gray

In this photo with fellow bloggers (left to right): Jirbie, Me, Marj and Jon

Their famous signature concoctions all use top-notch imported liquor bases mixed with exotic mixers:

Pomelo Sour | Reyka Vodka shaken with lime and infused red bell pepper and ginger garnished with a red pepper slice and lime wedge

Seoul Searcher | Hendrick's Gin, fresh lime, Thai basil, chunks of fresh pomelo, egg white and white pepper shaken together and garnished with a Thai basil

Jack Sparrow | Sailor Jerry playfully shaken with jackfruit, apple and lime juice, pandan syrup and egg whites

Tokyo Fog Cutter | Monkey Shoulder, Amanoto Junkara Junmai shaken with fresh lemon juice, cloudy apple juice and Absinthe flame garnished with a mint spring

The interiors have a rustic, homey and comfortable vibe that makes you want to linger. 

Try out the newly opened Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room at Ayala Malls 30th at 30 Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.  For updates, find them on Instagram and Facebook @ToastKitchenPH.

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