15 April 2017

Custaroons By Gigi Gaerlan

The smell of freshly baked goodies are coming out of this luxurious box of Gigi Gaerlan's Custaroons.  I was thinking, if much effort is reflected in the packaging, then something really special must be inside it.  You might be asking, what are Custaroons?  It is a delicious dessert, the top layer is made of chewy macaroon and the bottom layer consists of a melt in your mouth flan made by passionate baker, Gigi Gaerlan. 

We instantly opened the first box that was sent over to Casa Villa and it contained four pieces of what they call the "original" Custaroon, a piece of Coffee flavored Custaroon and a piece of Matcha Custaroon.  I paired these delectable desserts with my favorite cup of coffee and I have to admit it is difficult to pick a favorite.  You'll taste the classic macaroon on "the original" and the flan was very smooth.  The Coffee flavored Custaroon is undeniably coffee-filled in flavor and you'll notice that there was no scrimping made on the ingredients.  The Matcha flavored is light and has just the right amount of sweetness just as Matcha should be.  They measure around 2" in diameter, and a box of 6's of the "original" Custaroon is Php 280.00.

Now, here's the second box.  See what I mean when I said that they have beautiful packaging?

The second box contains bite-sized "original" Custaroons.  They measure around 1" in diameter and a box of 30's of the "original" costs Php 450.00.

The third box is smaller than the first two. 
But, you know what they say, great things come in small packages!

Every box of Custaroons comes with a special message from Gigi Gaerlan herself.  Truly, if you love what you do and you are passionate about it, it will clearly show in your work.  In this case, it translated to Gigi's delicious desserts.

The third box contains Custaroon Poppers.  These are bite-sized Custaroon balls covered with chocolate and topped with premium chocolate powder.  The chocolate powder comes in a separate sachet, where you can add as many as you want.  The Custaroon Poppers are richer in terms of taste compared to the Custaroons and be prepared to eat it with your fingers or in our case, we scooped it out with a dessert spoon.

Our verdict?  We love Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan!

Try these delicious Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan!  It's perfect to be shared with family and friends.  Find them on Instagram @Custaroons on Facebook @Custaroons and on Twitter @Custaroons.


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