19 March 2016

Chaplin Café at Century City Mall

It must be coincidence, but a few weeks back, my husband Mickey and I have been talking about the fact that we haven't been to Century City Mall yet.  It has piqued our curiosity quite a bit and we were actually thinking of dropping by when our schedule permits.  When suddenly, an invitation to come and try out the dishes at the newly opened Chaplin Café fell on our laps!  Chaplin is located at the rooftop of the Century City Mall and is described as a "contemporary restaurant with middle eastern flair" and they also offer vegan and healthy dishes on their menu. 

The interiors receives a generous amount of natural light, with black and white leather armchairs that remind me of the era when Charlie Chaplin became famous, not to mention the quirky floor lamps that are reminiscent of the top hat that was part of his wardrobe.  They also had several tufted sofas around the restaurant, which is perfect for long conversations with family and friends.

Come and take a peek inside Chaplin Café!


16 March 2016

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Nourishing Facial Water

It's always exciting to receive an invitation from one of my favorite beauty brands, Burt's Bees!  The invitation for their Nourishing Facial Water launch arrived with a bunch of fresh flowers, and I thought, how thoughtful of them to send flowers to all invitees, I'm pretty sure it brightened everybody's day.  

The venue for the launch was at the Sky Lounge, W Building, Bonifacio Global City.  I just loved how they transformed the space into a garden!  Burt's Bees products are after all, synonymous to using natural ingredients and it is always refreshing attending their well-executed events that match their company's beliefs.

My favorite Burt's Bees skin care line - Intense Hydration


12 March 2016

Hello Stan Smith!

Six years ago when Stan Smith's were always found on racks of shoe stores and not as in demand as they are now, I remember my husband Mickey would always pick up a pair of Stan Smith's and he would tell me that "these are classics".  I would look at the pair, and would think to myself, "it is very simple, with just the green heel patch with the adidas logo as an accent".  Little did I know that Stan Smith's would be taken off the shelves for a brief hiatus in 2012.  It came back in 2014, to kick start its own re-launch with an aggressive social-media campaign targeting celebrities that it suddenly became a cool thing to wear.  It is also worn by major fashion influencers on the ramp and stylized in many different ways by online influencers that it literally blurs the lines between a shoe that is worn for sports, street style and even high fashion.

It had taken me a while to have my own pair of Stan Smith's, simply because they are almost always off the shelves hours after they have been displayed.  Sometimes, if you do find them online, they are either too expensive or there is a risk that you might get duped by a seller who sells knock-offs.  So, I waited, and just when we were on a weekend holiday and didn't have Stan Smith's on my mind, this pair was on the shelves. 


05 March 2016

Boulangerie 22

My husband Mickey is a fan of Gordon Ramsay's "The Ultimate Cookery course" on the Asian Food Channel.  During one episode, that I was able to watch with him, they had a special feature on bread.  A Parisian pastry chef was a special guest, and he said that, "We Parisians are not happy without bread.  We even drive as far as 9 kilometers just to get good bread".  I was thinking to myself, that's a long drive to get bread.  But then again, Parisians are also known to not scrimp on quality, not even on bread.

Well Manila, we are lucky that we can get good quality bread like the Parisians.  Boulangerie 22 has several branches spread across different cities in the Metro and they had just opened a branch in Makati City, near the Legaspi weekend market and Greenbelt, located at the Ground level of One Legaspi Park Condominium, Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. 

As soon as you step inside Boulangerie 22, the aroma of fresh bread greets you and instantly brings a feeling of home.  The bread varieties are categorized into sweet, savory, "Frais and Authentique" or "Fresh and Authentic".  The place is orderly and clean, and the aisles are wide enough for people to choose from their selection of breads that you can either take out, or choose to dine in and enjoy with freshly brewed cups of coffee or bottled juice and boxed fruit milk drinks.  The best thing for me is that they are all individually wrapped for extra freshness.

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