21 August 2015

#PositivelyBetter days with Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liners

The women of today wear many hats, we balance our time with work, our loved ones and even for ourselves, and as such, there are times we can't afford to slow down, especially when the going gets tough.

We all know that "red" days are part of a woman's biological make-up.  Red days can affect a woman's mood and performance, especially when painful menstrual cramps occur.   This is because during menstruation, the excessive levels of prostaglandin makes the uterus squeeze really hard and the arteries get blocked, thus, causing pain.  But, what if we can make these uncomfortable days #postivelybetter by using a sanitary napkin that would make "red" days more comfortable?  That would certainly be a delight and a relief at the same time!

At their recent re-launch at the posh Marriott Hotel Manila, I learned about Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin and Liners' difference.  It is uniquely crafted with 7 layers of protection: the top cover is made of a special non-woven material, an anion strip that emits negatively-charged molecules, side leak guards, a highly protective polymer for liquid retention, a sterilized and dirt-free layer, a 6th breathable layer for free air flow, and a specially-designed back adhesive to keep pad securely in place.  

Apart from being the first anion sanitary napkin in the retail market that’s scientifically proven to reduce odor and bacteria, Jeunesse Anion is also a proud 100% Filipino brand.

Let me share with you these photos during the re-launch of Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin and Liners at the posh and pretty, Garden Room of the Marriott Hotel Manila:


20 August 2015

Real Living partners with Match Contract Furniture for an exclusive mix-and-match themed showroom event

I've always been attracted to beautifully designed restaurants.  I tend to linger longer when I get accustomed to the homey and relaxing feel of the interiors.  Although design is the bigger scope that composes the interiors, when I zero in on the details that make up the entirety of the design, I noticed that I am also drawn to the beautiful chairs, tables and lighting that makes the look of a hip and happening space.  I often find myself wondering where it's sourced, because honestly, some of them can also be used in our own homes.

Recently, I was invited by Real Living to the launch of Match Contract Furniture's Makati showroom.  I learned that Match Contract Furniture is the go-to place for exceptional restaurant and retail furniture.  If you have been to these contemporary dining establishments (Locavore, Duck & Buvette, La Cabrera, Spice & Cleaver, ArroZeria, Susi, Santiago, Elbert's Cheesesteak, The Italian Market, Fireside by Kettle, Sarsa and Kafe Batwan), chances are, you have already seen their products: 


18 August 2015

Me Time with Pine-Sol Philippines at Le Spa, Sofitel Manila

In today's world, fast-pace is the new normal.

In the morning, there's a mad rush to get ready before we start a full day, we make an effort to wake up early to beat the rush hour traffic, we check off a list of things to do, there are meetings to attend to, e-mails to reply to, projects to finish, run a few errands, and then there's the proverbial traffic again going home.

When we get home to our loved ones at night, we have meals together, talk about how our day went, attend to our family's needs and when we are about to wind down for the night, we start a mental to-do list again for the following day.  It becomes a daily cycle that oftentimes, we tend to forget to also have some me time for ourselves.

I think that in order to function like the "wonder woman" that we all are.  We also need time to re-energize ourselves by doing the things we love doing the most.  It can be reading a good book, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, going to the spa to relax those tight muscles or to the salon for a fresh new look.  We can also de-stress by attending an exercise or dance class, learn a new skill or craft, or even doing our favorite sports activities.

A week ago, Pine-Sol has given me and a wonderful group of women the opportunity to put ourselves first for a day of health and wellness.  

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