18 August 2015

Me Time with Pine-Sol Philippines at Le Spa, Sofitel Manila

In today's world, fast-pace is the new normal.

In the morning, there's a mad rush to get ready before we start a full day, we make an effort to wake up early to beat the rush hour traffic, we check off a list of things to do, there are meetings to attend to, e-mails to reply to, projects to finish, run a few errands, and then there's the proverbial traffic again going home.

When we get home to our loved ones at night, we have meals together, talk about how our day went, attend to our family's needs and when we are about to wind down for the night, we start a mental to-do list again for the following day.  It becomes a daily cycle that oftentimes, we tend to forget to also have some me time for ourselves.

I think that in order to function like the "wonder woman" that we all are.  We also need time to re-energize ourselves by doing the things we love doing the most.  It can be reading a good book, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, going to the spa to relax those tight muscles or to the salon for a fresh new look.  We can also de-stress by attending an exercise or dance class, learn a new skill or craft, or even doing our favorite sports activities.

A week ago, Pine-Sol has given me and a wonderful group of women the opportunity to put ourselves first for a day of health and wellness.  

It was quite exciting, especially that the venue for the event was at the posh Le Spa Yoga Studio at Sofitel Manila.

When I arrived at the Le Spa Yoga Studio, there were yoga mats ready, bottles of water and Aquazorb towels for all of us.  It was really nice to commune and meet fellow women bloggers who also share a common love for family and who are also game for an hour of yoga.

I haven't done yoga in a long time and I was glad I was able to do it again during Pine-Sol's #SavorYourMeTime event.  I love how yoga makes my core stronger and it made me realize I should make time to do it more. 


Thank you to our yoga teacher, Joanne Santos, for preparing a relaxing yoga session for all of us to enjoy.
After our yoga session we freshened up, changed to our pretty clothes and headed to the Mindanao room for lunch where healthy meal choices prepared for us and there was time to chit-chat with fellow bloggers as well.


We learned about making healthy food choices, calorie counting and our ideal body weight from Dr. Jade Cada and Agnes Tumaneng, Nutritional Coach of Vietura and of course, more about Pine-Sol all-purpose cleaners from Renelle Delos Santos, Brand Manager for Pine-Sol and Tisha De Veyra, Director of Marketing for Clorox Philippines.

In photo (left to right): Patty Cuyugan, Michelle Aventajado, Renelle Delos Santos, Dr. Jade Cada, Agnes Tumaneng and Tisha De Veyra

Mickey and I are Pine-Sol users , and we are all too familiar with the benefits of using Pine-Sol:
  • Pine-Sol all-purpose cleaners are concentrated so a little goes a long way.
  • All you need is one cleaner to cut through dirt, grime and grease and to clean different spaces (kitchen appliances, surfaces, floors, walls, toilet, shower area, pet area, garbage cans and more).  It doesn't only save you precious time, but money as well. 
  • Pine-Sol leaves a fresh scent of clean after cleaning your home and it comes in 5 fresh scents (#PickYourPinesol):  Lemon Fresh, Orange Energy, Sparkling Wave, Lavender Clean and Original Scent.  Our favorite Pine-Sol scent is original.  I just love the fresh scent of pine in the house.  

  • You can adjust the strength of your Pine-Sol all purpose cleaner with water depending on how tough the dirt, grime and grease you need to clean.
  • You don't need special cleaning tools to use Pine-Sol.  It works with what you already have at home such as rags, mops, brushes, spray bottle, microfiber cloth, paper towels and a pair of rubber gloves. 
  • Pine-Sol gets the job done, so there's no need to go back over the spaces you have cleaned.  Saving you precious time and energy which means more time to savor your me-time.
There was a grand raffle before the end of the event, and I whispered a prayer to God to bless me with an ultimate "me time", and guess what, I won a 3 days/2 nights Boracay hotel accommodation for two at Alta Vista de Boracay.  Thank you God and Pine-Sol for this wonderful surprise.  Boracay is our happy place and I am all too glad I can savor some "me time" and also some "we time" with Mickey on this trip. 

Thank you Pine-Sol for our prizes!

What a wonderful day it was to meet these lovely women.  I am thankful to have been able to share some valuable me time with them, learned more about health and wellness and most especially about one of our favorite household cleaners, Pine-Sol.

To know more about Pine-Sol Philippines, follow them on facebook at www.facebook.com/PinesolPhilippines.

Ladies, what is your favorite Pine-Sol scent and how do you savor your me time? 

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