27 June 2015

The Hive is buzzing at Estancia, Capitol Commons: Burt's Bees opens their first store in the Philippines

Three years after entering the Philippine Market, Burt's Bees has finally opened their first store at the 2nd level of Estancia, Capitol Commons.

It was a great day to celebrate with my favorite natural skin care brand, Burt's Bees!


24 June 2015

Bambi's 28th Dress

Taken at Chatteau 1771, Greenbelt 5 for Bambi's send-off
(From left to right: Marilen, Rhia, Bambi and Me)

This is a photo of our Assumption Group.  Well, at least those who are in Manila at this time.  Marge is in Canada, Cindy is in the U.S. and Agnes is in Bacolod.  This photo will be quite a memorable one, it is the last group photo we took before our friend Bambi leaves for the U.S. to join her fiancĂ©  Ricky, as they get ready for their wedding in San Francisco this coming August.


19 June 2015

At last, A real City Bike Bag: The Kipling Bike Bag

I absolutely love going on bike rides.  Whether it's for fitness, outdoor adventures or even for a quick trip to the nearby grocery or coffee shop, I like hopping on my bike and just go about my plans for the day.

However, when I bring my backpack with me, it blocks the airflow to my back.  With the heat of the sun and our oftentimes high temperatures, it sometimes wears me down.  I also pack my bag with the essentials - a bottle of water and gatorade, granola bars, a microfiber towel, a change of clothes, a hygiene pack, a first aid kit, the list goes on - and before I know it, my bag adds weight.

The truth is, I've been looking around for a bike bag for some time now.  I was quite disappointed that I can't seem to find the right one.  I am quite picky, and I always veer away from boring designs, safe colors and heavy ones.  I certainly don't want to settle for something because I'm left with no other option.  So I still look around to find the perfect bike bag that would fit my lifestyle, and then, the happiest surprise arrived!  Can you just imagine how happy I was when Kipling Philippines sent me this ultra cool bike bag?  I was jumping and dancing for joy, doing cartwheels, the running man and the roger rabbit, it was a fun, fun day!


14 June 2015

Helmet Hair Adventures: A new bike route in Subic Bay

On our recent trip to Subic, I spotted a scenic bike route that leads to the old Subic International Airport.  The route is long and there were parts that were hidden from the road where we were travelling by car.  The terrain leading to this new discovered bike route (from our starting point) is a challenge, but the view is to die for.


13 June 2015

A visit to Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay

For Mickey's birthday, we found ourselves going back to Subic Bay for a weekend of adventure.  Subic Bay is currently becoming our favorite weekend escape whenever our schedule permits.  With this happening quite often, I'll be sharing with you different adventures and discoveries whenever we visit so that when you find yourself going there, you'll have an idea of what's in store for you and your loved ones.

The last time I visited Ocean Adventure was when I was still single, whereas Mickey has never been there ever.  I asked him if he wanted to go and he said yes.  So, right after our usual breakfast at Subic Bay Yacht Club, we arrived at Ocean Adventure just in time for the first of the four shows to start. 

A quick tip: For some reason, Subic Bay is warmer than our already warm weather in Manila, so when you do come to visit Ocean Adventure, be sure you're wearing cool clothing, wear sunblock, bring out your sunnies as the sun is a bit harsh and always walk in the shade if you can.


12 June 2015

A fashion trend to try: Sports Luxe

We all have our own signature styles when it comes to fashion.  But there are times when a fashion trend suddenly becomes an iconic trend especially when fashion greats takes up on the trend and make it their own - I've seen it in the likes of Chanel and Alexander Wang and I absolutely love how they luxed up a normally casual and sporty outfit. 

I had a bit of fun today and brought together a look with my very own take on the Sports Luxe trend.  The key to the trend is to wear a sports-inspired outfit and mixing it up with luxurious fabrics and outfit details for a more upscale finish.

I pulled off my look with a white H&M dress (reminiscent of a ladies tennis attire), the fabric is made of a luxurious material which resembles somewhat like leather but very light.  The cut of the dress is relaxed so if you're off to have a full day ahead of you, you are pretty much covered when it comes to being comfortable in your own dress.  

Another key piece for the Sports Luxe trend is a leather bag (normally it is a boxy and structured bag). Since my outfit and shoes are of a muted color.  I chose this bright yellow bag from Kate Spade called 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag for a touch (or rather a scream of color).  The bag's hardware is subtle, but it's gold.  

For my watch, I'm wearing a Swatch chronograph and my skater shoes are in a neutral color but is blinged out with different sized studs. 

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