24 June 2015

Bambi's 28th Dress

Taken at Chatteau 1771, Greenbelt 5 for Bambi's send-off
(From left to right: Marilen, Rhia, Bambi and Me)

This is a photo of our Assumption Group.  Well, at least those who are in Manila at this time.  Marge is in Canada, Cindy is in the U.S. and Agnes is in Bacolod.  This photo will be quite a memorable one, it is the last group photo we took before our friend Bambi leaves for the U.S. to join her fianc√©  Ricky, as they get ready for their wedding in San Francisco this coming August.

Bambi and I had a joke before that, she just may have 27 dresses already.  If you're familiar with Katherine Heigl's movie, 27 dresses, this is where the joke started.  Oftentimes, when she is the maid of honor or the bridesmaid in someone's wedding, she would call me to ask where to buy nice shoes, a proper bag, accessories, and what matches a certain wedding motif, etc.  Well, Bambi dear, I am so happy that our 27 dresses joke is now ending with your 28th dress, your wedding dress.

Enjoy the journey, Bambs!  Fill instagram with your adventures.  Cheers to you and Ricky.  We love you!

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