21 May 2015

Vintec wine cabinets at Cellar Solutions

As a general rule, many of us know that when it comes to wine, white wine should be served chilled while red wine should be served at room temperature.  But the truth is, if you abide by this simple general rule (as I have), chances are, you are not enjoying your wine at its best.  The fact is, room temperature in the Philippines is different from France, Italy, Australia, Canada, or even Dubai.

Apparently, there is more science involved in appreciating wine and nothing spoils wine more than serving it at the wrong temperature.  Each wine style has an ideal serving temperature.  Served below its ideal temperature, tannins will be harsher and acidity will be stronger.  Served above its ideal temperature, aromas are stripped of their youthfulness and hidden by the sensation of alcohol.

If wine is a staple at home when entertaining, or if you are in the restaurant or hotel business, it may be a good time to invest in a wine cabinet from Vintec.  You’ll find these sleek wine serving and cellaring cabinets at Cellar Solutions.  Vintec wine cabinets range from a small home wine bar of 30 bottles (retails for Php 39,000) to a huge wine cabinet that can hold 155 bottles (retails for Php 156,000).  Vintec wine cabinets are available in single temp, dual temp and multi temp models and comes with a guide on the temperature settings for different types of wine.

From left to right: Laurent Ducourneau, Daniella Sevilla, Tina Villa and Charmaine Wang

Laurent Ducourneau, founding partner of the global wine cellar brand, Vintec

Charmaine Wang, Executive Vice President, Cellar Solutions

Designed in Denmark, Vintec wine cabinets are modern, stylish, energy efficient and are eco-friendly.  The brand is distributed in Hong Kong, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Philippines, among others.

In addition to Vintec, Cellar Solutions is also the distributor of world-renown brands for wine storage and preservation such as Transtherm, WhisperKool, Label Skin, Coravin, and Peugeot.

Daniella Sevilla hosted the program and taught me how to work a Peugeot Melchior Basalte Corkscrew with style.  Thanks Daniella!

From left to right: Claudine de Leon, Charmaine Wang, Daniella Sevilla, Tina Villa and Theresa Leung

Cellar Solutions is located at the Ground Floor of L&H Building 2310 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Philippines.  For product inquiries call +63(2) 893-3270 and +63(917) 573-2934.

Cellar Solutions is the main provider of wine preservation systems to the grand resort and casino City of Dreams Manila, all branches of luxury wine store Wine Story, wine-haven Planet Grapes, natural food and product store Healthy Options, international restaurant Bistro du Vin, and more.


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