08 May 2015

Fight Day "The Battle for Greatness" at Casa Villa: Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao

Whenever Manny Pacquiao has a fight, Mickey and I make sure that we get to watch it.  In previous times, we would just wait for the fight to be aired on TV, keeping our cellphones at bay and not going on the internet so that we shut ourselves off from any news on whether he won or lost the fight.  For us, it is more exciting to watch a fight when you don't know the end result (yet).

Honestly, I never thought the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight would happen - with Floyd Mayweather always finding a reason not to engage Manny into a match, I thought, we'd never get to see these great fighters in a boxing ring together. 

We were actually watching that NBA game on TV when Floyd approached Manny to exchange numbers and expressed his interest in making the match a reality.  Suddenly, it wasn't about the game in Miami.  It was about those two great boxers on that basketball court, actually talking to each other.

So when the contracts were signed, the fighters went on their individual training camps, boxing fans bought the most expensive tickets to ever watch a boxing fight, others subscribed to pay per view (just like we did) or made reservations in hotels and sports bars around the world and anticipated that day, May 2, 2015, the day we thought would never come.

On fight day, "The Battle for Greatness" day, here we are at Casa Villa, rallying Manny Pacquiao.  If you follow me on instagram @tina.villa, you'll know that this photo was up before the actual fight.  I tagged @mannypacquiao and @jinkeepacquiao, hoping that they'll see the support all the way from the Philippines.  It was a great day for boxing fans (like us) around the world.

We bought our favorite Al Capone donuts from J.Co and prepared some ready to eat snacks, while waiting for the main event and for the arrival of other family members.  At lunch time, we just ordered food delivery from Kenny Rogers roasters.

Manny fought well during that day but unfortunately, the end result was not what we expected.  Floyd may have won the game, but Manny definitely won that fight.  

A lot of people are asking for a rematch (even Floyd Mayweather!), let's see what will come out it.  But if a rematch does happen in the future, I just hope I won't see a repeat of the last fight.  I don't want to see Floyd win a boxing match by running away and not engaging or actually doing MMA (mixed martial arts) moves on Manny again.  Maybe the rules of boxing must be reviewed and changed.  I couldn't fathom how the aggressor lost the fight.

For now, we can all move on.  Back to regular programming.  But, Manny is still the best!  Haha!      

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