27 March 2015

Say Hola to new Spanish dishes created by Tapella by Gaudi's new Executive Chef Robert Spakowski

Last Saturday, Mickey and I had the opportunity to taste the new Spanish dishes in Tapella’s menu and at the same time, meet Tapella by Gaudi’s new Executive Chef, Robert Spakowski at their restaurant in Greenbelt 5.

Admittedly, this is my first time at Tapella, even if the restaurant is just a javelin throw away from where my office is.  It is such a shame that I’ve been missing out on the great tasting Spanish dishes all these years!  I guess, I have never explored Greenbelt that much to discover this gem of a restaurant which is located at the far end of Greenbelt 5’s al fresco dining area.   

Noticeably, there is a good number of expats dining at the al fresco area.  I guess this is a restaurant that most of them frequent and are comfortable being in.  

But first, let me introduce to you, Chef Robert Spakowski, Tapella by Gaudi’s new Executive Chef.  Don’t let the good looks and the foreign features fool you, he has some tricks up his sleeve too!  While we were conversing about the Tapella’s new dishes (in English), I was presuming that since he is a foreigner, of course, he doesn’t speak the local language), in the middle of our conversation, he suddenly speaks Tagalog  (and fluently too!) which is such a trip because you know how sometimes, when we Filipinos would for example say, “ang gwapo niya ‘no?” thinking that the person we are referring to does not have a clue what you just said, then he suddenly speaks the local language?  Suddenly, it’s an embarrassing but funny moment.  Chef Robert shares that he loves how he gets reactions when he suddenly speaks in Tagalog.

Meet Chef Robert Spakowski, Tapella by Gaudi's new Executive Chef
Left to Right: Tina Villa, Chef Robert Spakowski, Joan Tan and Vannah Santiago

Chef Robert Spakowski and Mickey


24 March 2015

Saturday Brunch & Gadgets: GetGadget Shop launches their revamped website, www.getgadgetshop.com

In today's fast-paced lifestyles, being connected, sharing and sending information online and using the latest gadgets to do our daily activities (or jobs) faster and easier, we rely on gadgets that have efficient software, has enough storage space and most of all, fast connectivity.  As consumers, we do a lot of research online to look for the most current hip gadgets, but we also want one that's friendly on the budget.

Recently, I was able to attend the re-launch of GetGadget Shop's revamped www.getgadgetshop.com website - an online gadget store that sells affordable gadget/tech gear that is fit for your unique active lifestyle.

Left to Right: Anne Bernisca, Tina Villa and Angelia Ong


15 March 2015

Change is Delicious: BonChon launches their newest flavor, Crunchy Garlic

BonChon, means "my hometown" in Korea, and is a global brand that originated in the same country in 2002.  The brand began making waves globally when they first entered the US market in 2006.  The cult following propelled the brand to international shores, with stores in Asia, including the Philippines.

In the Philippines, BonChon opened their first store back in November 2010, and now after 4 years, they have 86 branches nationwide.  Clearly, BonChon Chicken Philippines is one of the fastest growing Quick Service Restaurants in the country. 

Each chicken piece is individually hand-brushed with BonChon's unique and delicious glaze - which comes in Soy Garlic, Sweet and Spicy and Honey Citrus flavors.  Now, after four succesful years in the Philippines, BonChon has just launched a new flavor, Crunchy Garlic!  

Here are some scenes from the launch:

Scott Tan, Owner and Managing Director of BonChon Chicken Philippines 
shared with us the history of BonChon Globally and in the Philippines, 
and introduced the newest flavor, of BonChon, Crunchy Garlic


03 March 2015

The weekend that was: Comfort Food at T.G.I.Fridays, Life's Challenges and Dreams Coming True

Ever had those weeks when it's fully charged?  Well, Mickey and I both had that last week.  There were deadlines to be met, loose ends to be tied, challenges that gets solved but gives birth to tiny unexpected challenges.  Thankfully, even if there are challenges, God leads us to finding the right solutions. 

But before we face a new week full of promise, we like to recharge.  Though we cannot travel at this time due to projects and commitments, we just head to our favorite go to place for comfort food which is T.G.I. Fridays.  We eat so often here that we just had to get their Premiere card!  If you haven't heard of it yet, it's a privilege card you can get for PHP 2,500.00.  It actually turns out free because it comes with PHP 2,500.00 worth of vouchers (you can use one PHP 250.00 voucher per visit for 10 visits).  But my favorite part is that, whether you use the vouchers or not, there is a 30% discount on your total food bill when you dine on Mondays and a 20% discount from Tuesdays to Sundays.  I think, if you frequent most of their Bistro Group outlets, it would be worth it to get one.

So here we are on the weekend ordering our favorite Grilled Barbecue Chicken at T.G.I. Fridays Glorietta.  No sharing here, we like to bounce ideas off each other while having a good meal (trabaho pa rin, haha!  But in a lighter way).

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