15 March 2015

Change is Delicious: BonChon launches their newest flavor, Crunchy Garlic

BonChon, means "my hometown" in Korea, and is a global brand that originated in the same country in 2002.  The brand began making waves globally when they first entered the US market in 2006.  The cult following propelled the brand to international shores, with stores in Asia, including the Philippines.

In the Philippines, BonChon opened their first store back in November 2010, and now after 4 years, they have 86 branches nationwide.  Clearly, BonChon Chicken Philippines is one of the fastest growing Quick Service Restaurants in the country. 

Each chicken piece is individually hand-brushed with BonChon's unique and delicious glaze - which comes in Soy Garlic, Sweet and Spicy and Honey Citrus flavors.  Now, after four succesful years in the Philippines, BonChon has just launched a new flavor, Crunchy Garlic!  

Here are some scenes from the launch:

Scott Tan, Owner and Managing Director of BonChon Chicken Philippines 
shared with us the history of BonChon Globally and in the Philippines, 
and introduced the newest flavor, of BonChon, Crunchy Garlic

Sam YG talked about how Change is Delicious and taught us some interesting life hacks

Get those forks ready, here's the star of the show, BonChon's newest flavor, Crunchy Garlic.  Yum!

Each chicken piece is individually hand bushed with BonChon's newest flavor, Crunchy Garlic.  The glaze is sweet and zesty and served with a generous amount of crunchy garlic chips on top.  You just have to try it!

Premium Iced Tea

Crispy Calamari

Seoul Fried Rice

Mango Sansrival Ko-Yo (Korean Yogurt)

Left to to Right: Aci, Chessika (of chessika.net), Tina (of tinavilla.com), Rochelle (of rochellerivera.com) and Phya (of phyliciamarie.com)

Try the newest Crunchy Garlic flavor at the BonChon branch near you and share your BonChon Crunchy Garlic experience by using the hashtag #ChangeIsDelicious. 

For more news and updates follow BonChon Philippines on facebook at www.facebook.com/BonChon.Chicken.Philippines, on twitter @BonChon_ph and on instagram @bonchon_ph.

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