24 October 2014

Out and About: Manila Fame The Lifestyle and Design Event October 2014

Nothing makes me more proud of my heritage than to see the beautiful, hand-crafted furniture every year at the Manila Fame show.  I have been attending the shows for 6 years now, and the Manila Fame Event never fails to give me a surge of excitement each time the doors open to the exhibit halls.  They have always made the designs beautiful, theatrical and bigger than life.  Never settling for average or good enough designs.  

If you're looking for beautifully designed furniture and accent pieces for the home, this is the place you'd want to be twice a year every year.  Manila Fame holds trade shows every March and October and is the best venue to do some serious furniture buying.  You'll see a lot of foreign buyers during the Manila Fame event too, this is  because Philippine-made furniture are sought after in global markets.  Doesn't that make you proud to be Filipino?

Missed the show a week ago?  Let me share with you some photos during the October Manila Fame Design & Lifestyle Event.  The Design Philippines scenography  is under the creative direction of Budji Layug and gave life to three stories: Soulcrafts, Luxe and Gen C.  Furniture and  home accents on display featured the latest designs from a collection by designers Stanley Ruiz and Eric Paras with special participation of select brands of Design Philippines and Manila Wear.


16 October 2014

H&M's VIP Night at SM Mega Fashion Hall

H&M Philippines opened it's first flagship store yesterday at the SM Mega Fashion Hall to 1,100 VIP guests.  The store showcased their latest collection in an unforgettable night of glamour, fashion and music.


13 October 2014

Cleaner air indoors with the Sharp Air Purifier

If you are an urbanite like me, you know pretty well that city living has many advantages.  One of the things I like about living in the urban jungle is that everything is within a decent distance: the nearest grocery, mall, health club, movie theater, church, the list goes on.  Although city living has many pluses, it also has a few discomforts attached with it, and one of them is air pollution.

Recently, I've been having allergies in the morning which manifests itself in the form of uncontrolled sneezing.  I knew that it could be something in the air that I'm breathing.  I have previously read about Sharp's Plasmacluster ion technology in their air purifiers and was officially on the look out for one that would be appropriate for our space.

After a thorough selection among Sharp's Air Purifiers, we decided to purchase the Sharp Air Purifier FU-A28E.  It is just the right size for our space and certainly does not stand out like there is an elephant in the room.  It is lightweight at 3.4kg which makes it easy transfer from one room to another with the built in handle at the back.

I also love it's simple design which is easy to clean and it is easy to operate with the function buttons on the top panel: Fan speed mode in low, medium and high (a built-in color indicator located at the front panel displays the current air speed).     

The patented Plasmacluster Ion works by cleaning the air with the use of positive and negative ions.  It proactively spreads through out the room breaking down unpleasant odors and airborne particles floating in the air.  It also breaks down bacteria, molds, viruses and dust mites by inactivating them.

The Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E comes with 2 filters for effective dust filtration and it operates quietly (only 25db on the lowest setting which operates almost silently).

We've had the FUA28E for a week now and we have observed that the air quality in our condo unit has definitely improved, we sleep soundly at night and what's best is I no longer have my morning allergies.  

The Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E


04 October 2014

Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery with the bride-to-be

I just received the best news, my good friend Bambi just got engaged!  Oh, I am so happy for her my heart is bursting with joy!

As we were talking over the phone, I kept having flashes of our adventures in Boracay a few years back with our friend Marge.  Many life conversations took place in our favorite restaurants and special life celebrations with our friends from Assumption.  It also dawned on me that after she gets married next year, she will be leaving Manila and will be settling down in San Francisco, USA.  She has not left yet, but I am already beginning to miss her.

You see, Bambi is the type of friend who brings our group together when our friends would come to visit Manila for vacation.  When our busy schedules could not accommodate planned lunch dates, we found that it was better not to plan them at all.  Oftentimes, unscheduled lunch dates would work better for us.

So here we are, it's mid-afternoon and we're having late lunch at Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery in Rockwell.  It seemed like ages since we last saw each other and for a good four hours, we chatted up a storm, talked about her engagement, pre-wedding plans and of course, the love of her life, Ricky.

A book to help Bambi with her wedding preparations, from celebrity wedding planner, Jo Gartin: 
Jo Gartin's Weddings: An inspiring guide for the stylish bride.  If you happen to be planning your own wedding too, check out Jo Gartin's website, Love is by Jo Gartin.

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