26 December 2013

Our Special Christmas Dinner at Chatteau 1771, Greenbelt 5

I'm pretty sure you're all winding down from all the shopping, parties, reunions and Christmas festivities just like me and Mickey (although there still are a few more before the New Year for us).

Just before the 24th of December, we were able to start a yearly tradition for both of us - having our very own Christmas dinner somewhere special .

It was quite a challenge looking for a special place where good food is served, where service and standards could be comparable to that of a 5-star hotel (for this special dinner, we didn't want it to be in a hotel because we knew that the hotel restaurants may be full with all the Christmas dinners with friends and families), we wanted a place where we also won't feel we have to hurry and finish dinner because the place is heavily booked and most especially, where we can talk all through out dinner and just enjoy each others company.

So finally, after much thinking, we decided to have our special Christmas Dinner this year at a restaurant where we also had celebrated many special occasions and milestones in our lives (whether big or small).

Of course, we come back to our all time favorite, Chatteau 1771 in Greenbelt 5.  The charm of the place has never left.  I love the restaurant's high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass windows, well-spaced dining area and the service of course is still at it's best.

For this special Christmas dinner, we started with appetizers and ordered the Antipasto Platter 

The Antipasto Platter had Prosciutto crudo, kalamata & nicoise olives, provolone cubes in extra virgin  olive oil & rosemary, mortadella and bar nuts and was served in a black slate tray with silver picks. 

We had Mickey's favorite French onion soup too!

The French onion soup was topped wth croutons and gruyere cheese, gratinated until golden brown

For the main dish, we both had Gambasseti, which had shrimps, garlic chorizo and parnesan cheese tossed in spaghetti pasta (if you would prefer whole wheat pasta, you can specify that when you order too!)

The Gambasetti was quite a big serving for us but we loved it!  
We knew that the next time we'll order this dish, we can share one order of pasta for two.

For sweet endings, I had the lemon meringue torte which had a sweet and sour blend to it.  It was made of thin layers of meringue & crisp pastry, lemon filling and whipped cream.  I paired this dessert with coffee too. 

Mickey had his favorite panna cotta, made of Italian cooked cream light as heaven and not too sweet.

Our Christmas dinner was really special and we're glad we had it in Chatteau 1771.  From our Christmas table to yours, may you have many happy and memorable Christmases with your loved ones always!  Merry Christmas fro  m Mickey and me! 


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