30 June 2013

A pen to write beautifully with: Swarovski's crystalline lady ballpoint pen

In this digital age, I am one who still love the beautiful ways of old.

I use an Ipod for music on the go, but for our home, we still buy vinyl records.  Our collection spans from the distinct sound of the 80's to current popular music.  Why?  Simply because compressed digital recording fails in comparison to the rich and warm recording on vinyl .  Never mind if it's more challenging to actually handle and play a vinyl record, it's the actual experience of music that makes it worthwhile. 

I use an Ipad for minor writing, a laptop for blogging, but I still love writing things down.  Reaching for a trustee notebook that doesn't need power and using a pen to write things down is so liberating (haha!).     

I have written about these beautiful Swarovski  crystalline ballpoint pens last year.  This year, I finally was able to get myself one.  It's simply gorgeous.  I love that it writes smoothly and how the crystals shine when light strikes through them.


27 June 2013

Shu Uemura

I was looking for make-up I can wear during formal events.  The type that beautifully transforms your skin from average to nearly flawless if not flawless at all.

It's no secret that my favorite go-to make-up brand is Shu Uemura.  I guess it's because I attended their make-up classes in their Rockwell atelier a few years ago and understood how their products work and how they work well on a person's skin.    

During our recent trip to Duty Free Philippines, I couldn't resist gravitating towards the Shu Uemura counter (as usual) and asked about make-up I can use for formal events.  After they chose the right shade for me and asked about my skin type, we hied off to the ultra-glam hollywood-ish mirror with the lights on and  sat on the directors chair that proudly display the brand's name and let them work their magic.

What I love about the artists at Shu Uemura is that they are professional, approachable and very personable.  Honestly, I've never met an artist who worked for Shu Uemura who didn't have a great personality.  It's a major plus since, sometimes, hours are spent in the make-up chair and if the artist doesn't have a good personality to go with their skills, it's a major turn-off.

Here's my latest Shu Uemura haul:


22 June 2013

Early out of town breakfast at Buon Giorno

I was fiddling with my camera this morning and found these photos in the memory card.  I missed uploading them and now I am writing about how to enjoy an early weekend for a quick out of town trip.

We all had one of those, a week that is truly hectic.  It could be a week of problem solving, research, negotiation, approvals, deadlines, socials, heavy rain that comes (of all hours in the day it had to be) at rush hour and we're all stuck in a jam.  Sometimes, we just want to get away from it all, away from where it all happens and breathe some fresh air.

Well, that's just what we did.  During that week, Saturday couldn't come any sooner and I asked Mickey if we can go up to Tagaytay to have breakfast at Buon Giorno.  He was game for it as I was, so I called for the earliest reservation I could get (which was 7:30 am), reserved our favorite opium bed and hoped that the place would not be crowded when we get there.

We were on the road by 6:00 am, and as we left the heat and traffic in the city and slowly entered the colder, fresher, greener Tagaytay landscape, we knew we were right where we wanted to be that day.  It was a good day.

Buon Giorno can be found inside the compound of The Inn at the Cliff House Tagaytay.  There are other restaurants there (Fire Lake Grill and Cafe Platito) and dessert/snack shops (Cafe Breton, Fling frozen yogurt and Fruits in ice cream), but for today, we are having breakfast at Buon Giorno. 


19 June 2013

Wild and Free: Ann Pamintuan's beautiful steel horses

Have you seen the beautiful horses made of stainless steel wires and flat bars by renowned artist, Ann Pamintuan, at the Greenbelt ArtPark?  They are extremely beautiful.  I just had to stop and take a look at each one of them.

These works of art are huge and are scattered in different areas of the ArtPark.  
I love that they are captured in different positions.  This one seems to stop and look at me.


16 June 2013

Honoring Dad

Dearest Dad,

Your jokes crack, me up, even if I heard it a million times.

I remember with much fondness our morning chats and coffee together.  It was always a time when, I know that if  I have something on my mind, I know I can tell you about it and you would give me the best fatherly advice.

Happy father's day dad!  I love you dearly. 

P.S. - Mom, please let dad win in Scrabble even for just father's day.  Hahaha!

12 June 2013

Shoes to run in: Tory Burch's mid-wedge Sally

I love walking around in ballet flats, but there are outfits (and special days) when a girl needs a lift in height too.  For several months, I've been looking for a mid-wedge shoe that is not only stylish to wear from day to night but also comfortable enough to run in.  I saw several stylish types but oftentimes, there's a compromise, usually it's stylish but you can't stay in them for a long time (as Oprah would say, these type of shoes are just "shoes for sitting").  Plus, I don't want to be the girl with the nice shoes but had a funny walk! 

A few weeks ago, I walked inside the Tory Burch boutique and found this pretty pair of  mid-wedge Tory Burch Sally's with the tonal logo in Roccia python print.  They have it in my size, and at 45% off!  Heaven is on my side.  I tried them on, walked around the boutique, made sure they were comfortable enough to walk in and took these babies home.


09 June 2013

Mickey's birthday dinner at Chili's and TWG Rockwell

Last week, we celebrated Mickey's birthday.  It's been a while since we've been to the Powerplant at Rockwell, and when the birthday boy says he wants to have his favorite grilled pork chops at Chili's, then the birthday boy is sure to get his wish.  


03 June 2013

The classic Klippan sofa by Ikea

Condo living has it's challenges, for me and Mickey, it's all about finding the right scale furniture to fit a cozy space.  We bought our first sofa locally and were disappointed after less than a year, the foam started to deteriorate.  So, we were very careful in choosing the right sofa when the time came to retire the old one (too soon if you ask me).

Mickey would always see me browsing through the Ikea catalog and looking at the two-seater Klippan sofa.  What I love about the Klippan sofa are it's clean lines, contemporary design, removable and interchangeable covers (that changes every year) and the sturdy foam that makes it last long.  The Klippan sofa was first introduced in 1979, and thirty four years later, it is still one of Ikea's popular sofa models.

So, you can just imagine how happy I was when Mickey surprised me with a two-seater Klippan sofa last December.  Now, that's a great husband, haha!  He ordered the sofa from Mobler and got the one in the newest cover in Leaby Yellow with an extra cover in Alme Natural, nice!

Here it is in our living room after it was assembled by the people from Mobler.  I love it's happy yellow color,  It brightens up the living space.   

I also love the illumination that this Eglo floor lamp gives to the room, it makes the room feel warm and cozy.  The light colored shade makes it a great reading lamp at night. 


02 June 2013

Beautiful Bonsais

A year ago for father's day, I gave my dad bonsais.  I made a mental note during one of our conversations that he wanted to learn to grow and take care of them.  My parents both have green thumbs and a year later, the bonsais are still in their house.  I admit that I have also grown to admire the little trees, I am captivated by their beauty and how perfect they always look, never a leaf out of place.

This Sunday afternoon, Mickey and I came across a bonsai exhibit at Eastwood Mall's Open Park.  There were so many beautiful bonsais!  I stopped and admired each and every one of them and truly, they are all works of art.

 This bonsai is my favorite, I love how the branches and leaves cascade downwards

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