12 June 2013

Shoes to run in: Tory Burch's mid-wedge Sally

I love walking around in ballet flats, but there are outfits (and special days) when a girl needs a lift in height too.  For several months, I've been looking for a mid-wedge shoe that is not only stylish to wear from day to night but also comfortable enough to run in.  I saw several stylish types but oftentimes, there's a compromise, usually it's stylish but you can't stay in them for a long time (as Oprah would say, these type of shoes are just "shoes for sitting").  Plus, I don't want to be the girl with the nice shoes but had a funny walk! 

A few weeks ago, I walked inside the Tory Burch boutique and found this pretty pair of  mid-wedge Tory Burch Sally's with the tonal logo in Roccia python print.  They have it in my size, and at 45% off!  Heaven is on my side.  I tried them on, walked around the boutique, made sure they were comfortable enough to walk in and took these babies home.

Love Tory's logo of T's.  I love these that are in the subtle tones.  

The mid-wedge heel of the Sally provides a bit of height and is comfortable enough to walk (or run) around in.

Check out other styles and colors at www.toryburch.com

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