23 July 2012

Mango's New Look Book

Mango's new lookbook is out! Modern twists on the old classics are evident.  Have a look:

Note to self: When silver hair overpowers thy brunette hair, this is a good color (and cut)


20 July 2012


If you have a big space to fill and you need large scale furniture, then O.M.O is the right place to look for the beautiful big stuff.   

O.M.O often uses indigenous materials in their furniture line, they use water hyacinths, abaca fiber, sea grass and incorporates them into their contemporary designs. They have a wide range of furniture available and has tapped the discriminate taste of the international market.  O.M.O exports its products to high-end specialty shops in Asia, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. 

Here's a tour of the store in photos:

I love the raw, yet polished look of this table in it's odd rectangular shape


18 July 2012

Triboa Bay Living

When you step inside Triboa Bay Living, you just know they have the good stuff.  Stuff you'd normally just see in Elle Decor (yes, that good!).

Triboa Bay Living is a furniture and lighting brand.  Their style is a mix of classic forms with pared-down contemporary sensibility. Wood is the primary material in their furniture line (Mahogany, American, White Ash, Black Walnut, old wood, etc.) in raw finishes that give off a warm, casual and resort-like feel.  Sometimes, they also use steel components for industrial forms of furniture.  Their design ranges from rectilinear and modern to traditional French and English Country.  

This lamp gives off an interesting illumination to a room 

Triboa Bay Living is also a leading source for resort contractors, furniture retailers and interior decorators from Europe, Africa, Australia, South America and Asia.  In the store you'll find Chairs, Sofas, Daybeds, Tables, Beds, Storage, Lighting and Accessories.  Here's a tour of the store in photos:

The textured mirror wall accent is a conversation piece in itself 


16 July 2012

Haute Design

I finally was able to go to LRI Design Plaza.  I have heard about this place from friends who are in the interior design business and read about it in lifestyle magazines.  I could just imagine, it must be a treasure trove of quality furniture - from the best of  asian modern, modern minimalist, funky furniture to rarities, antiques and collectible art.  

Mickey and I arrived late in the afternoon on a Saturday and were able to catch some of the stores before they closed at 7:00 pm.  So please indulge me in my next blog posts as I feature some of the wonderful stores at LRI Design Plaza.  

The first store we went to was Haute Design

What I like about this store is that they make local furniture fun and the look - modern.  The store features organically sourced materials and furniture in modern colors for a more vibrant home or for accent pieces.  Most of the furniture are resort-ish in nature which is a good thing, don’t we all want to go home and feel like we are on vacation someplace?

Haute Design has an array of local modern furnishings, from dining tables and chairs, lounge chairs, accessories for the home (I love the glass starfish, you'll see it in the photos later) and lighting fixtures.  Have a look:


01 July 2012

Missoni ♥ Havaianas

This summer 2012, the love story between the two iconic brands continues...Sharing their passion for fashion, "Missoni loves Havaianas Collection 2012" brings chic and coolness to your feet:  The perfect mix of Italian sensibility and Brazilian flair.  

But this year, Missoni and Havaianas share more than only "love": their deep involvement with the environment.  Avoiding waste has always been something taken seriously at Havaianas.  That is why the 2012 mini-collection has been designed by recycling residual rubber pieces from the manufacturing process.  Mixing the multicolored residuals of the "Havaianas Brasil" style and using the photo-print technique to apply Missoni's pattern to the sole..that's how this mini-collection is born.  It is also presented in special packaging, made of recyclable material enhancing this famous zig-zag pattern.  As Angela Missoni explains:  "For Missoni the relationship with nature has always been a priority.  We live and work in touch with the landscape, its seasons and all the time changing colors have been always an inspiration.  At the same time, Havaianas is firmly concerned about reducing waste, re-using and recycling of materials.  This collaboration matches perfectly both of our passions:  "fashion and respect for nature".

With Missoni ♥ Havaianas 2012, become one with nature.  You'll not only feel that love is in the air, this summer is especially at your feet!

Missoni ♥ Havaianas at Adora

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