24 June 2012

Let there be light! A glamorous light!

There's nothing like beautiful lighting fixtures.  It can instantly transform an otherwise average ho-hum space to an interesting one.  Recently, I've come across these beautiful lighting fixtures from QisDesign in Tina Maristela-Ocampo's Greenbelt 5 store, Celestina.

The Coral Light
Sparkling light from the water

The Coral light, on LED fixture is inspired by the exquisite corals in the ocean.  Imitating how natural coral reflects rays of light through the living sea, the Coral Light creates a visually mesmerizing effect as it graces a table, ceiling or floor.

Thanks to a special light diffusion technique, the light emmitted by the LED bulbs is evenly distributed by the LED bulbs is evenly distributed on the edge of each diffuser.  Besides serving as an ambient lighting fixture, its desk lamp, equipped with high bright LEDs, also provides a reading function.

Source:  QisDesign
Coral Ball LED Suspension Light
Material:  PMMA, Metal
LED Color:  Warm white and Cool white
Power Input:  AC: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Net Weight:  1.8 Kg.
Power Consumption:  5W
Colors:  Clear in cool white, red, gold, yellow green, purple and orange
Price:  PHP 19,500 (per suspension light)


16 June 2012

Braving Uniqlo's opening day

My husband Mickey, our friend/Uniqlo shopping partner, Bambi and I capped our Friday evening by going to Uniqlo's opening day.  I knew there was going to be a long line when we arrive, which is always the case in Uniqlo openings around the world.  It actually took us 35 minutes to get in the store with the line starting from Uniqlo's entrance to the far right side of the mall entrance.  The line was a bit intimidating when you see it, there is also a Uniqlo staff holding up a sign that says "End of line" under it is a note that says it takes an hour to get in the store.  But, thanks to Uniqlo's well-organized opening team, they actually let people get in faster.  We didn't have to wait that long.


04 June 2012

Bleach Catastrophe

The store certainly has a unique name, it gives a good name recall and it makes you want to go in and check on the merchandise.  

Bleach Catastrophe is more popularly known for their unique and artsy clothing collection.  Now, they also have a collection for the home.  You'll see a small shack in the middle of the store that showcases their Bleach Home range which includes placemats, table runners and cushions with monograms, illustrations and photographs. Truly, the home range can give character to your sofa or dining table.


02 June 2012

Lovely Daphne Chairs

I first saw Daphne's chairs a few years back when they were first exclusively sold in Rustan's Makati and at Rustan's Shangri-la.  Now, she has partnered with Ben Chan's Dimensione and has released her lovely Daphne Chairs anew.

What I like about the chairs apart from their unique character and the extra oomph it gives to a room, is that the chairs are finely handcrafted and that it has both an old world and modern feel to it.  Each chair is labeled at the back with "Daphne Furniture" on a gold metal plate and are made of mahogany wood.  These chairs would be nice to use in a boudoir, for a study table or as accent chairs in your home.

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