30 September 2019

Serenitea x Sesame Street Limited Edition Umbrellas

Before the explosion of milk tea shops around the metro.  People have always bought Frappuccino blended coffee drinks, whether during business meetings, friends catching up with each other, and even individuals just killing time while surfing the net, you will find a cup beside them.  

But the market demanded for new alternative refreshing drinks, and Serenitea Philippines was there to answer the call.  They started operations back in 2008 and grew to more than 50 shops in just 10 years. They were the first to offer brewing tea with an option to customize sweetness levels.  Filipinos embraced it, and Serenitea helped pave the way for other tea shops in every corner.

I find myself going inside Serenitea usually after a long walk, or after a full day of activities.  It has been one of the places where a cup of tea - whether with fruits, milk, lattes, or perhaps even to try their newest specialty drink is enough to put a kick back in my step.  But let's admit it, sometimes a drink can't satisfy hunger, and it's a good thing that Serenitea offers small snacks on it's menu.

Now that the monsoon rains has come and it seems that it's not going to go away soon, there is no reason to match the mood of a gloomy weather.  Perhaps one of the things that can change a rainy day mood to a better one, apart from our Serenitea favorites, are these cute transparent limited edition Sesame Street umbrellas from Serenitea.

I love that it is lightweight, comes in a comic strip design and is transparent.  It also comes in four adorable Sesame Street characters - Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar The Grouch and Elmo.  You can get one with either of the following options: (1) for every single receipt worth Php 1,099.00, (2) or buy 6 large drinks and get the limited edition Sesame Street umbrella for only Php 199.00 (3) or purchase Php 1,100.00 worth of gift certificates, (4) or purchase Php 700.00 worth of gift certificates and just add Php 199.00 for the umbrella.

The Serenitea x Sesame Street umbrellas are available for a limited time only, from October 1 to 31, 2019.  The promo is valid only for dine-in, take out and in-house delivery in all Serenitea branches nationwide.  The promo is not valid with Grab Food, Lalafood, and Honestbee transactions.  It is also not valid in conjunction with other privileges, discounts and promos.  Don't miss out on the limited edition cuteness!  

My favorite Serenitea x Sesame Street Umbrella character would have to be Cookie Monster.  
Don't we all relate to his love for cookies!

We also tried these specialty drinks from Serenitea -  Mickey had the Brown Sugar Frost with Holly's Fresh Milk, while I had the Taro Purple Potato.  Mid-way through our drinks, we ended up switching drinks, because I liked his better and he liked mine better.  True story.

On our second visit, Mickey tried the Aloha Fruit Tea, while I had the Choco Royal Milk Tea.  No switching of drinks this time, we both liked what we ordered.

For people who want to try Serenitea drinks, they are on the sweet side.  You can start with 75% sweetness level, if it is still too sweet for your taste, remember to tone it down a bit to 50% the next time you visit for your next drinks.

If Serenitea would ask me for a feedback, I would not hesitate to tell them about the level of ice on their drinks. They should add more, as it melts fast and no one wants a warm drink for refreshments. 

How can the packaging not make anyone smile?  It is nostalgic and reminds us of our childhood.  Special attention was made even on the cup cover.  The cuteness is all in the details.

Rain or shine it's always a great day to take a sip of your favorite Serenitea drink.
Sing and dance under the rain with Serenitea and this Limited Edition Sesame Street umbrella.

Visit your favorite Serenitea branch to get yourself one!



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