30 May 2019

The Great Luxury Beauty Sale

Beauty enthusiasts, don't miss out on The Great Luxury Beauty Sale happening tomorrow, May 31 to June 2, 2019 at The World Trade Center.  Get your favorite cosmetics and perfumes from Lux Asia at 60-80% off!  


17 May 2019

Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive

Filipinas, embrace your hair color, whether it's a brilliant brown or a bold blonde, as Cream Silk, the number one hair care brand in the Philippines introduces their latest innovation for modern Filipinas who love to color their hair:  The new Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive.

It has Keratin Relaxers to tame frizz, Keratin Serum to revive chemically-treated stands, and Keratin Essence to restore extreme dullness.  It is also a sulfate-free conditioner, allowing hair color to stay on for longer, by replenishing nutrients lost from coloring.

To encourage Filipinas to embrace any hair color and bring out their ultimate vibrance, Cream Silk staged the Vibrance Studio, a content hub featuring four immersive rooms themed after the most-loved hair colors of Filipinas.  Painted with soft champagne and amber tones, the Blonde room features a prosecco bar.  The Red Room was all about making a bold statement with chic fashionable pieces.  The Brown Room was a nail lounge, where guests get pops of color to their nails to complete their looks.  Lastly, the Multitone Room, featured shades of iridescent and shiny tinsels to create an ombre effect, served as apowder room where guests leveled up their glam.


15 May 2019

Maria Health

I just recently discovered Maria Health.  They are an online marketplace for Medical Health Organizations such as Maxicare, AAGA, Konsulta MD and more.  Now, healthcare shopping can be easily done, as thru Maria Health, you can pull plans beside each other and compare which one fits your needs and budget best.  You can also choose between comprehensive and prepaid plans.

Got questions?  A team is ready to help answer your inquiries via chat or e-mail.  Thinking of giving a gift to a loved one?  How about giving them the gift of healthcare?  I'm pretty sure, they would appreciate such a thoughtful gift.  Learn more about Maria Health's simple, easy access to healthcare for all at http://bit.ly/mariahealth.


07 May 2019

The New KFC Chaco

Foodies, here's something to get excited about!  KFC launches the new Chaco!  It's a Chicken Taco, but instead of a taco shell, you get KFC's original chicken fillet with shredded lettuce, taco mayo, salsa and grated cheese on top.


04 May 2019

Tenya Philippines

Have you tried Tenya already?  If you haven't yet, here's a bit of trivia:  Tenya is the most successful tendon restaurant chain in Japan.  Tenya aims to provide high quality tendon and tempura to their customers at an affordable price.  Their founder, Mr. Yoshio Iwashita, started this mission in 1989 when he opened the first Tenya outlet in the Yaesu underground mall's Tokyo station.

A lot of their essential ingredients and equipment come from Japan to ensure that they provide the best tasting products, they can offer their customers.  Aside from Japan, Tenya can now be found in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and now, in the Philippines.

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