02 August 2018

Hydrated Inside & Out with Cure, CREER and SIP

I have always admired people with beautiful skin.  Some may have it due to good genes, but others may have to work on it as well, to not necessarily have a rigorous skin care regimen, but rather a simple but effective one.  I gathered some tips on how we can take care of our skin better from the recent event by Beauty Box Corp.'s Cure and CREER brands, as well as from SIP Purified Water, and I'm just all too happy to share these with you.

Hydrate and Drink Enough Water (if not more than enough water) - This is probably the one we all know.  At least eight glasses of water a day, will naturally give your skin a better glow.  But then, the type of water you drink may also have an effect on your skin.  SIP Purified Water is bottled at the source and goes through a thorough filtration process (filtration through volcanic rocks, passing through a sand filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet treatment and ozonization), which leaves SIP tasting pure and crispier.

SIP Purified Water is available at SM Hypermart, 7-11, Vikings, Four Seasons, NIU, Fishermall, Hi-Top, Landmark, Family Mart, Nord's Breadhub, Super 8, Unitop, Waltermart, Lawson's, Circle-K and more.  SRP is P9.00 (350 ml), P11.00 (500 ml), P20 ( 1 L) bottles.

Religiously Remove Make-up - I guess no matter how tired or sleepy we are after a full day, there really is no excuse not to remove our make-up.  It is definitely not worth the clogged pores or the possible acne breakouts the you'll find the next day.  CREER has make-up removers that don't give you a hard time to remove your make-up, preventing you from tugging at areas where it should be prevented, especially in the eye area where our skin is thinner, more delicate and more sensitive.  CREER has two types of Cleansing Waters (or make-up removers), first is the water type, for removing light make-up and the other one is the oil type, formulated with mineral oil and effectively removes make-up, even waterproof make-up!  Plus, CREER Cleansing Water products are formulated with SPA water from the Shimane Prefecture in Japan, home to women with beautiful skin!

CREER Cleansing Water costs P545 for a 330 ml bottle for both Cleansing Water variants - the blue variant is for removing light make-up, while the orange variant is for removing heavy or waterproof make-up.

Exfoliate Your Skin - The upper layer of our skin has dead skin cells that are naturally replaced every two weeks, but as we age, this process slows down, so we need to help our skin exfoliate.  But then, we shouldn't be using harsh exfoliants that are rough and leave our skin dry.  Cure Natural Gel gently exfoliates the skin by getting rid of dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt that regular cleansing cannot remove.  This leaves the skin looking fresher, healthier and with a new layer of glowing skin.  Cure Natural Aqua Gel is composed of 10% Natural Leaf Extracts and 90% Hydrogen Water and can be used twice a week.  In Japan, 1 bottle is sold every 7.5 seconds.  Also, these were included in the media kit for Hollywood Celebrities at the Academy Awards!  How to use it?  After cleansing and drying your skin, use one pump per section of your face (forehead, cheeks, chin), gently massage the gel on your skin.  You'll see clumps of dead skin cells, oil and dirt that will form.  You can also use it on your elbows, knees and armpits.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is available in selected SM Beauty Stores, Watsons, Beauty Bar Stores and Rustan's Department Stores.  It costs P1,500.00 for a 250g bottle (which would normally last for about 6 months).

Moisturize - If you are the type who has a simple skin care routine, then this moisturizer is for you.  Cure Natural Moisturizing Gel is a lightweight cream that will leave your skin moisturized and dewy.  It is a gel type product and when you apply it on your skin, water droplets will form when your skin is moisturized and if your skin is dry, no droplets will form as it will fully absorb the product.  This is because it will only absorb what the skin needs.  You will also feel a thin film forming on top of your skin, which is a sign that it locks in moisture and it won't just evaporate.  Another nice thing about this product is that aside from using it as a moisturizer, you can also use it as a primer.  It's a good two-in-one product, which can cut down your make-up routine as well.

Cure Natural Moisturizing Gel is available in selected SM Beauty Stores, Watsons and Rustan's Department Stores at P1,500.00 per 100 g tube.  

Get your skin care regimen going with SIP Purified Water, CREER Cleansing Water, Cure Natural Aqua Gel and Cure Natural Moisturizing Gel.  For updates, find them on social media @SIPpurifiedwater @BeautyBoxCorp and @CUREphil.


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