06 April 2018

Burt's Bees: Be a True Force of Nature

At an early age, I've always admired women of substance.  Women who have positive, driven personalities who are not only resilient in times of adversity but also have the power to inspire others to pursue their passion projects and make a difference.

In time for International Women's Day, Burt's Bees launched their "Be a True Force of Nature" campaign - where the spotlight was focused on naturally beautiful, real and confident women and their journey of expressing their true selves not only through the work that they do, but also how they help inspire others to live thoughtful and purposeful lives.

The event was hosted by Angel Jacob who led the discussion with inspiring women such as Bianca King, who is an advocate for  healthy living and has naturally pursued her passion to become a fitness entrepreneur; Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, Co-Founder of Rags2Riches, a fashion and design house empowering artisans in the Philippines;  Dzi Gervacio, a volleyball athlete, who has been dubbed as the "Queen of Jump and Serve"; and lastly, Denise Go-O'choa, esteemed make-up artist and an advocate of natural beauty - have all gathered to share their own experiences of women becoming true forces of nature.  Ultimately, in the end, it was clear that women strongly care and value the things that truly matter - like people, passion and purpose.  

What a great day to be inspired by these wonder women and Burt's Bees.  

In photo (from left to right): Angel Jacob, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, Bianca King, Dzi Gervacio and Denise Go-O'choa

Thank you Burt's Bees for a truly inspiring International Women's Day!

Burt's Bees is available at all SM Beauty Stores and Beauty Bar Stores. 
For updates on Burt's Bees, find them on Instagram and on Facebook.

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