28 October 2017

Manila Life Café by Marriott Manila

"Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila"  Manila Life Café by Marriott Manila has just opened at NAIA Terminal 3!  What's on the menu?  All-Day Almusal (Breakfast), Pampagana (Appetizers), Manila Tacos and Burgers, Mama's Comfort Bowls, It takes Gutz Homemade Bam-I, Panghimagas (Dessert) and lots of refreshing beverages.  Whether you're arriving or leaving Manila, or simply craving for some Filipino cuisine with a modern twist, come visit Manila Life Café at NAIA 3.  You'll not only love the food, the ambience is relaxing, and the music is all about Manila Life.  Come take a peek inside, Manila Life Café by Marriott Manila.

Manila Life Café has well-appointed dining spaces, the interiors are cozy which makes you want to linger and the walls have murals that also tell a story of the Manila Life.  Whether you're a local entertaining balikbayan relatives and friends, or are have foreign visitors, a visit to Manila Life Café is a place for reminiscing or telling a story of our very own culture while sharing stories over good food.

Love this intimate VIP space for a small group of people.

Evenly spaced tables, makes for long relaxing conversations.

Satisfy Sweet Carvings

Guimaras Mango Tart
Php 85 per slice

Leche Flan Cake
Php 85.00 per slice

Strawberry Cookies
Php 150.00

Local Breads

Ube Twist Bread
Php 35.00 per piece

Php 35.00 per piece

Chocolate Muffin
Php 85.00 per piece

 with Hope Velasco, Marketing Communications Assistant at Marriott Hotel Manila

All Day Almusal (Breakfast) 

Manila Sunrise Plate
Pork longanisa, tocino, sunny side up eggs, garlic rice, tomato-salted egg relish
Php 290.00

"Tapelog" Tapa & Egg Pandesal Sandwich
Beef tapa, fried egg, freshly baked pandesal bread
Php 250.00

Pampagana (Appetizer)
Manila Street Food Platter
Homemade fish balls, chicken fritters, fried quail eggs, sweet soy dip, spiced vinegar, sweet and sour sauce 
Php 290.00

 Sisig Nachos
Pork ragout, jalapenos, pickled onions, chicharon, onion cream
Php 270.00

 Grilled Chicken Inasal Salad
Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, salted egg, garlic and dressing
Php 280.00

 Manila Tacos & Burgers

Pork Sisig Tacos
Chicharon, pickled onions and green chili, calamansi lime, creamy onion sauce
Php 380.00

Chicken Inasal Tacos
Tomato, onion, salted egg, garlic sour cream
Php 310.00

Crisp Fish Tacos
Sustainably caught mahi mahi fillet, green mango slaw, garlic sour cream
Php 330.00

Manila Life Bacon & Mushroom Burger
Homemade beef patty, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, bacon crisp, house fries
Php 390.00

  Manila Life Cheeseburger
Homemade beef patty, cheddar cheese, house fries
Php 350.00

Crispy Chicken Burger
Inasal marinade, tomato, lettuce, onions, garlic soy aioli, house fries
Php 320.00

Mama's Comfort Bowls

 Pork Adobo
Braised pork belly in soy sauce & vinegar, steamed rice, atchara
Php 350.00

 Beef Kaldereta
Local vegetables, steamed rice
Php 380.00

Sisig Rice
Pork sisig, chicharon, green chili, fried egg, calamansi, steamed rice
Php 350.00

 Pancit Luglug
Rice noodles, homemade shrimp sauce, chicharon bits, boiled egg
Php 350.00

It Takes Gutz Homemade Bam-I
Recipe by Beauty Queen and Actress, Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez
Inspired by their homegrown dish from Cebu
Php 330.00

Panghimagas (Dessert)

Purple Yam Roll
Good Sheperd ube, purple yam, cream cheese filling, macapuno strings
Php 205.00

Mango Sago
Guimaras mango cubes with milky mango puree, tapioca pearls and pomelo bits
Php 180.00

There are also some souvenirs available at Manila Life Café for nostalgic balikbayan or foreign guests.

Gold-colored Kalesas 
Php 420.00

Honest Herbs

Chocolate Mangoes
Php 380.00

Malagos Chocolate from Davao
Php 300.00

Gold-colored jeepneys
Php 420.00

I really enjoyed my visit to Manila Life Café.  My personal favorites on the menu?  The Manila Sunrise Plate, Manila Street Food Platter, Crisp Fish Tacos, Manila Life Bacon & Mushroom Burger, Pork Adobo and Mango Sago.  I can't wait to visit again!  Check-out Manila Life Café's Menu here.  Price points are reasonable, there is nothing over Php 390. 

You must be wondering how would you get to Manila Life Café.  Along Andrews Avenue at Resorts World Manila, find the entrance to Runway Manila behind Belmont Hotel.  Runway Manila connects to a link bridge to NAIA Terminal 3.  Remember, you can enter here even if you have no outward flight.    

The view from the link bridge.

From Runway Manila, pass through the link bridge and you'll find Manila Life Café right at the entrance connecting to NAIA Terminal 3. 

Come visit Manila Life Café at NAIA Terminal 3 soon!  For updates on Manila Life Café, check-out Manila Marriott on Instagram, Facebook and on Twitter.


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