01 August 2017

Marriott Asia-Pacific Culinary Workshop 2017

This year, Manila Marriott is hosting the 2017 Marriott Asia-Pacific Culinary Workshop, a gathering of the Region's finest culinarians.  How fun it was to celebrate with them on their first day, as they jump start their 4-day conference with a Fast and the Furious theme at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

There were fast bikes and cars with loud and clear sound systems that played music all night, excerpts from Fast and the Furious movie were being shown in the widescreens, the servers were dressed up in racing gear, which by the way was so cool!  In true Marriott Grand Ballroom fashion, three food stations came down from the ceiling, the cheese and fruit & nut station, the salad and shrimp cocktail station and the dessert station.  There was also a huge pan where they served rice and sisig and also a carving station with organic vegetables.  Right in the middle of the ballroom was the decked out elevated bar, where they served wine, Fast and the Furious themed cocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks.  It was a fun, fun night.

Cheers to all the Head Chefs from Marriott hotels in Asia-Pacific!

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