26 August 2016

What's on your wish list? A ShopBack Edition

We just don't notice it, but we go through our habits everyday.  Wake up early, grab a quick bite, make sure we arrive at the office on time, work, go home late in the afternoon.  We cook, eat and catch up with the family over dinner, watch some late night news, and suddenly you notice it's already getting late and it's time to hit the bed.

Like your everyday electronic gadgets, we also need to recharge.  I always get excited when I browse through my favorite travel and fashion websites and create my wish list to break my daily cycle.

In my mind and heart, it would always be about traveling.  I just love exploring new places, immersing in new cultures, but most specially learning from the locals - where they go, what they love to eat, what they are proud of.  Oftentimes, although a map would be helpful, I would rather lose the map and go off the beaten path.  Isn't it more exciting doing it that way?  Of course, when I am in a new country, I also do see the sights and the places of activity like any other tourist would do on their first visit.  But what excites me more, is going where the tourists don't go, but rather, where the locals would go.  

If I could make a travel wish list, this is how it would look like: 

1. Hotel Accomodations in Subic Bay at Hotels.com via ShopBack

Earlier this year, I booked our summer vacation in Boracay, Philippines with Hotels.com thru ShopBack.  It was an easy, hassle free experience booking our hotel online.  We got a lower price than the published rate and since we booked thru ShopBack we got a 6% Cashback. 

For my travel wish list, I have been looking at several hotels at Hotels.com in one of my favorite places in the Philippines - Subic Bay.  I stumbled upon a new hotel with excellent review ratings that got my curiosity running.  A 3-night stay at Best Western Plus Hotel Subic at a fair price of Php 3,281.00/night would be a good thing.  Subic Bay is a great place to visit for the weekend with it just being 2 hours away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, activities in nature is so much easier to reach plus a really nice hotel to go home to would be more than a welcome experience. 


11 August 2016

Organique Acai

Organique Acai is a concentrated drink supplement made of the most nutrient-dense fruit in the world, the acai berry.  Organique products (which constitutes of a drink supplement, freeze-dried capsules and soap) are made of natural, wild harvested acai berries from the Belem region in the state of Para, Brazil where "cream of the crop" acai is grown. 

Top 5 health benefits of acai berry:
  1. Powerful antioxidant
  2. Heart healthy
  3. Glowing skin
  4. Immune defense
  5. Energy boost
Organique's owners Elton and Cathy Salimbangon, tapped the services of a top designer, who they met at the Organic and Natural Health Show 2015 in London, to work on the new look of Organique .  They aim to reach consumers worldwide and showcase their premium organic products that incorporates nature to their new design.

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