18 April 2015

The weekend that was: Our Subic Bay road trip, Breakfast at Subic Bay Yacht Club and Our Helmet Hair Adventures

Summer is here!  What better way to kick-off this season but to go on an out of town trip, enjoy good weather, calmer scenery and do outdoor activities.

Last week, Mickey and I were able to do just that, we went to Subic Bay for 3 days.  We brought our Dahon S.U.V. foldies (folding bikes) with us, our trustee Coleman cooler that looks like luggage with wheels and enough groceries to last for the trip.

Here are some photos from the weekend that was.

This is at Subic Bay Yacht Club.  We had buffet breakfast at Cambusa Bistro, the restaurant had floor to ceiling windows, with a view of the marina and all these beautiful yachts parked outside.  It felt like we were in Sausalito, but really, were just in sunny Subic Bay.  It's beautiful here and we can't help but linger a little longer than usual just to memorize the view.

We were the last ones in, and also the last ones out of the restaurant

My breakfast plate (read: lugi sa buffet.  Haha!).  I just choose which ones I'd like to eat.

The healthy side of breakfast

It was a laid back kind of day and there was a beautiful, big black yacht parked just outside the restaurant and we couldn't help but take a photo. 

For summer, I bought several T-shirt dresses as a "uniform" for this season.  This nautical, striped shirt dress is from H&M.  The fabric is light, it has 3/4 sleeves and my favorite part is that it also had side pockets.  It also sits about an inch just above the knee too.

The view from the Marina

I just love the name of this yacht #GirlBoss 

We were wondering what beautiful places these yachts may have been to.  Must be some pretty exciting places.

At about 4:00 p.m. we brought out our foldies and go wherever the road may lead us.

When we have the chance, we take a photo by the side of the road and took the route where the water is.

 If you're familiar with Subic Bay, this is at a stop in Argonaut Highway, it's almost sunset.  
We parked our foldies, took out our granola bars, re-hydrated and waited for the sun to set. 

I love how the sun sets differently in every city

We'll definitely have more of scenic bike rides out of town

Here's to more Hemet Hair Adventures!


Jhanz said...

Looks like a super fun trip! :)
New reader here, and I love your blog!


Tina Villa said...

Thanks Jhanz A. for dropping by! It was a fun trip indeed! :)

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