03 April 2015

My favorites at this year's March 2015 Manila Fame and meeting world-renowned Million Dollar Decorators Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner

Every year, Manila Fame and the Philippines International Furniture Show always has something special in store for buyers, exporters and importers.  All of whom have a common goal when attending the show - a strong desire to see the latest in local furniture design and if you're lucky enough, you can get your hands on some of them at the show itself.  I absolutely love beautifully crafted local furniture and I am proud of how far our local designers have taken design and craftsmanship to a global level.   

I've been to many Manila Fame events and just when you think you've seen it all.  You'll be surprised at the abundance of creative ideas interpreted in local furniture design each and every time.  Case in point, one of my favorite designs this year is Vito Selma's.  His featured chairs are never just chairs, for example, this chair is designed like a swing, reminiscent of happy childhood days.  It's called the Alegra low swing chair, the base is made of metal and the fiber that holds the seat is abaca.  It retails for Php 55,500.00

Vito Selma and Me

Even Nathan Turner left a stamp of approval on the chair

There is also a version with a higher back, it's called the Allegra high back swing chair.  The base is also made of metal and the fiber that holds the seat is Abaca.  This chair retails for Php 60,900.00.  What I also love about Vito's Alegra chairs is that they're available in light colors, I am particularly drawn to this light blue colored Alegra high back swing chair. 

A smaller chair may look like it's just a chair from afar, but when you lift the back rest, it becomes a lamp, and the seat becomes a small table when you're seated on the floor.  This chair design is perfect for small spaces such as condominiums or even for school dorms.  It's called the Louis lamp chair and it retails for Php 30,000/piece.  The Louis chair has been awarded Best Product in this year's Manila Fame.

These are Vito Selma's hanging wooden lamps, and are called Twist.  They can be displayed flat (or not).  Vito's pieces are modern, multi-functional and oftentimes, almost like artwork.

A few booths down, I spotted these high impact circular mirrors from Obra Cebuana (Cebu).  These would make a beautiful focal point in a living space.  The woman behind Obra Cebuana is Selina Romualdez, who happens to be Vito Selma's sister.  The love for design runs in the family. 

These chic outdoor chairs are from Coast Pacific (Cebu) which can also be ordered in different colors.  But there is something about white colored outdoor furniture that makes it look so chic.

This chair is from Maze (Pampanga).  It has an ultra-high back and would be perfect for big spaces with high ceilings.  It's very dramatic!

Sharing a seat and catching up with Judith Manarang of Maze

Maze's booth

Alright, this chair from Metamorfose (Cebu) is also one of my favorites at this year's Manila Fame event.  It is called the Hive lounge chair and it's perfect for cocooning.  This chair retails for Php 36,000. 

Mickey likes the hanging version of the Hive lounge chair

This crystal chandelier from Azcor is so pretty, the photo does not give it justice.  The light is bounced off from the crystal in different directions and in different shades of light.  It is so elegant.

I've been seeing these super clear aquariums from ADA Nature Aquarium in retail shops such as Lands & Hobbes and Dimensione in the past.  They have small-sized aquariums that can be placed on top of your coffee table at home...

...or on top of your home work desk

I attended the Design Talk given by world renowned Interior Designers Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner at Manila Fame.  I couldn't miss this for anything.  I always watch their show, The Million Dollar Decorators and what can I say?  I'm absolutely a fan of their work.

Mickey was seated behind me during the Design Talks, and was able to take some shots (thanks Mickey!)

They talked about their different design styles and showed many of their million dollar projects for their clientele.  Truly, they are design geniuses and I learned valuable tips on Interior Design from both of them during the Design Talks.  There was also Q&A that followed. 

Meeting design icons Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner.  Oh, happy day! 

Love this!  Thank you Nathan!

It's my current read

 See you at the next Manila Fame!

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