14 February 2015

The scent of Luxury: Lady Million Eau My Gold! Eau De Toilette fragrance by Paco Rabanne

If luxury can be bottled up in a fragrance, Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million Eau My Gold! would have to be how it would smell like.  The fragrance makes me think of a glamorous night out on the town whether with your fun girl friends or with a handsome dapper date having dinner in a fancy restaurant or just partying the night away in a super club.  The woman that wears this fragrance is bold, confident, comfortable with life’s luxuries and absolutely knows how to have fun.  

The perfume bottle is shaped like a multi-faceted diamond and has an elongated shape that encourages a more delicate feminine gesture, in which the fingers stretch out rather than grasp. 

The bottle’s design reveals the light golden shade of the fragrance.  The cap reveals the ‘Eau My Gold!’ logo engraved onto the gold design elements, a symbol of the perfume’s luxurious character.

No less than famous nose, Anne Flipo was able to bottle up all these elements in Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million Eau my Gold!  Her inspiration was quite simple, to recreate a moment of pure, unadulterated happiness that fizzes and pops like a glass of champagne.  

The fragrance starts with a a green mango note “worked in a balanced way, not too sweet, not too sulphurous, which would have evoked an overly ripe fruit”, paired with the zesty freshness of grapefruit.  In the heart, violet leaf and orange blossom absolutes give a sparkling feel, before decending into a sensuous base of cedarwood and musk. 

Paco Rabanne also turned to French film maker Alexandre Courtes for translating his new fantasy into images.  Lady Million, embodied by Czech Supermodel, Hana Jirickova, leads you down a path of seduction that is as sensual as it is effervescent.  A showgirl in a giant cocktail glass plucks you from reality and invites you into her world, to the sound of "All Night by Parov Stelar".

Lady Million Eau My Gold! by Paco Rabanne retails for PHP 4,100 (50ml) and PHP 5,100 (80 ml).  You'll find this luxurious fragrance at SM Beauty Sections and at selected department stores.

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 Step into the world of Lady Million Eau my Gold!

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