05 February 2015

Our Baguio Food Adventures

As a traveler, I believe that there is a wonderful relationship between food and travel.  When you expose yourself to new food experiences, it brings forth a feeling of anticipation. 

On our recent trip to Baguio, the first order of business, after a long 5-hour drive from Manila is of course, a stop at Hill Station in Camp John Hay for lunch before checking in at our hotel.  We love that Hill Station serves great tasting food and of course, the fact that they also have healthy food choices on the menu, is enough to keep us coming back.
Here are some photos from our Baguio food adventures:

Hill Station Bistro at Camp John Hay

Dulong Pasta with garlic, olive oil and sun dried tomato
Php 170.00 (solo) and Php 290.00 (double)

Beef Salpicao with tenderloin, browned garlic and vegetables served with balitanao rice
Php 210.00

Lemongrass Chicken Barbecue with vegetables and chutney served with balitanao rice
Php 205.00

Death by Chocolate
Php 115.00

Now, here's a wonderful food discovery when we were in Baguio.  I was browsing Instagram for #CampJohnHay and came across a photogenic strawberry shortcake from Vizco's Restaurant & Cake Shop in Camp John Hay.  My curiosity led us to Vizco's which is just 2 restaurants away from Hill Station Bistro, and true enough, the strawberry shortcake had fresh strawberries held together with clear gelatin and served stabbed with a fork on the side (quite dramatic, haha!).

My fear though was that it might be too sweet for my taste, but it wasn't.  It tasted just right.  We loved this desert so much that we bought a whole cake to take home.  This trip was different, there was none of the usual food brought home from Baguio, just a box of Vizco's strawberry shortcake was enough to bring home.

Vizco's Restaurant & Cake Shop at Camp John Hay
Strawberry Shortcake
Php 80.00 per slice

Everything Nice Cake Shop and Café was also part of our Baguio food diary.  We love that this restaurant has floor to ceiling windows and has just the right amount of tables for diners.  If there is one thing I veer away from while on vacation, it would be have to be a stressful dining area.

Everything Nice Cake Shop and Café at Camp John Hay

I ordered this pasta dish, it had too many vegetables in it that it actually looked like pancit (it tasted a bit like that too).

Baked Herb Crusted Fish with Pasta
Marinated fish fillet baked with herb butter 'til golden brown.  Served with sautéed carrots, celery, bell pepper, garlic & basil pasta
Php 210.00

Roast Herb Chicken
Chicken fillet marinated in rosemary, garlic and thyme served with balitanao rice
Php 175.00

A pitcher of raspberry iced tea
Php 120.00

It gets really cold in Baguio when the sun goes down.  So we try to have early dinner most of the time.  But since we also like al fresco dining, we just had to have dinner at Cantinetta before the sun sets. 

We love that Cantinetta's restaurant is one of the historic houses in Camp John Hay.  It sends us back in time each time we have a meal here.  However, the interiors looks a bit tired, it needs a makeover.   

 Cantinetta at Camp John Hay

Original Tuscan recipe and fresh seafood in tomato sauce
Php 360.00

The food was good, but I just had to laugh when I saw the hammered down presentation of the boneless chicken.  Also, it was a dish meant for sharing, but I wish the side vegetables had a bigger serving.  We are in Baguio after all, right?  Vegetables in this city are supposed to be fresh and plenty.  But despite this, I have to say, that service was good.

Polletto Diavola
Boneless whole spring chicken, grilled (good for sharing)
Php 500.00

A cup of Illy Americano
Php 80.00

Lastly, what is a trip to Baguio without having some fresh home-grown strawberries?  I was craving for some, but I didn't want to go to the market or go to La Trinidad to get some (we've done that already).  So, the next possible option was to go to SM Baguio, hopefully they had some.  Well, they did and at a surprisingly inexpensive price of Php 40.00 per pack.

I wish we had strawberries as inexpensive as they have it in Baguio.  I absolutely love snacking on them, and oftentimes at night with some vino before winding down.

Fresh Strawberries bought at SM Baguio
Php 40.00 per pack

If you find yourself in Baguio, share with me your food adventures!

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