29 January 2015

Thunderwall Electric Fence

Do you need an Electric Fence?

So you’ve invested a lot in Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Bulgari, Chopard, to name a few. How do you protect your prized collection of luxury goods from falling into the wrong hands, and more importantly, protect your loved ones from becoming victims of violent crime?

Let’s be honest.  Crime is so everywhere that no one is safe in their homes anymore.  The thought of "akyat-bahay" gangs running amuck inside your home and running away with your prized Hermes has become today’s news.  In 2014, the PNP said the current police officer to civilian ratio is 1 policeman for every 700 people.  In some areas, the police officer to civilian ratio is 1 policeman for every 1,000 people.  Now, does that make you feel safe?

Enter my sister-in-law, Gay Villa, designer and builder of the toughest electric fence in the country—the Thunderwall Electric Fence.  After having spent more than two decades as a banker, she now finds herself doing a man’s job.

“Thunderwall is of the non-lethal kind,” she says, “but it is painful and effective at deterring intruders.  Blackouts don’t faze our fences because, unlike other electric fences, Thunderwall runs purely on 100% solar power.  Our numerous clients have thanked us after Typhoon Glenda hit Metro Manila, which affected subdivisions with five-day blackouts.  Other cheaper electric fences went kaput after half a day when their backup power ran out.”

Is it affordable I ask.  Gay says, “Of course, if one can invest in a luxury watch, which Thunderwall is just a fraction of, one can afford to invest in a Thunderwall.”  She adds, “The more important question is, can you afford not to have one in today’s difficult times.”

Gay mentions that Thunderwall has a perfect, unbroken, record of protection.  “Our cheaper competitors’ fences have been broken into, cut, sawed—and their owners robbed. Nobody has broken into a home protected by a Thunderwall,” she said.

Here are some photos of Thunderwall-protected homes.

This is Gay, my sister-in-law, and electric fence builder.

Got questions?, click here for Thunderwall's FAQs.  For further inquiries, contact Gay Villa for an appointment at (02) 225-1154, 0917-5202990 and 0937-3702605 or send an e-mail at thunderwallfence@yahoo.com


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