28 September 2014

New adventures and memories with #IpanemaSelfeet

Premium Brazilian flip flop brand, Ipanema has a new campaign called #IpanemaSelfeet - that dares the fashionista in all of us to create new adventures and capture the moment with a selfeet.

The campaign kicked-off with a series of mall event activities called Ipanema Selfeet Sunday and will be held in key cities in the Philippines - Robinson's Ermita (held last September 21), Ayala Center Cebu (on October 12) and Abreeza Mall Davao (on November 16).  Schedule a visit to the mall on these Ipanema Selfeet Sundays and participate in the fun stations and adventure-filled backgrounds and get a chance to win Ipanema flip flops, as well as discounts from the Ipanema store.  The event will also be graced by guest celebrities.

But the fun doesn't stop on Ipanema Selfeet Sundays!  You can also join the #IpanemaSelfeet contest on Facebook and on Instagram.  The mechanics are quite simple, upload your #IpanemaSelfeet on Instagram or on Facebook with the official hashtag #IpanemaSelfeet and get a chance to win discounts on Ipanema flipflops.

My choice for #IpanemaSelfeet is the Vitraux Fem in Brown, gold, red, orange and yellow!


21 September 2014

How to choose the right bicycle helmet: Our Specialized (Echelon II) Bike Helmets

A few weeks ago, we purchased two Dahon S.U.V. folding bikes at R.O.X. in Bonifacio High Street.  After choosing the right bicycle that would fit our lifestyle, we also tried and tested different bicycle helmet brands.  Honestly, it took quite a while to make the right choice - We finally ended with Specialized Echelon II Bike Helmets.  But really, how does one choose the right bicycle helmet?  Here are some important factors:
  • A great fit - Bicycle helmets come in different sizes, usually referencing your hat size and the circumference measurement of your head (in inches) as a basis.  But even if this information is easily available on the box, it would also be a good idea to do an actual fitting, take the helmet out of the box and try it for size.  A good fitting helmet should be level on your head, touching all around, comfortably snug but not tight.  The helmet should also not move more than about an inch in any direction, and must not pull off no matter how hard you try.
  • Comfort - Bicycle helmets must have strap adjustments that should be easy to adjust and an inner fitting system with an adjustable dial for a comfortable fit.  It is a plus if the bicycle helmet also comes with a ponytail port too (for us girls).
  • Ventilation - Bicycle helmets must have ample air vents and strategically placed larger vents for optimized cooling. 
  • Safety - It is suggested that light colored helmets be purchased for visibility but if this could not be helped, be sure that you're purchasing a bicycle helmet that has reflective decals for added nighttime visibility.  Also, it is important to check if your helmet has passed with one or more of the following safety standards: CPSC, SNELL B90A, CE and AS/NZS (you'll find the safety stickers in the inner part of your helmet).
Our Specialized Echelon II Bike Helmets with reflective decals for added nighttime visibility


11 September 2014

Queen for a Day at Princess Hazel Salon and Spa

Nestled in it's own private sanctuary in a mid-rise condominium in Quezon City, Princess Hazel Salon and Spa is a welcome escape from our fast-paced lifestyles as Urbanites.  The Royalty inspired interiors and thrones as beauty seats keeps your mind set for nothing less than the Royal Treatment for your Salon/Spa visit.    


05 September 2014

We bought two S.U.V.'s: Dahon S.U.V. Folding Bikes

Four years ago, when folding bikes were not yet a common sight in the Philippines, Mickey and I saw the first ones in the outdoor store, Recreational Outdoor eXchange (R.O.X.) at Bonifacio High Street.  At that time, we were just checking for bikes that were available locally, and hoping that we could purchase two bikes in the near future (and relive the days of childhood wonder, exploration and just pure fun!)

Four years later (after crossing out some important items in our home wish list), we finally decided it's time to make the purchase and get out of the house for weekend bike adventures and also for an outdoor workout (read: exercise that does not feel like exercise).

With so many folding bike brands in the market right now (Giant, Dahon, Tern, Strida, Brompton, etc.), we narrowed down our choice and decided to buy a Dahon (pronounced as Day-Hon) S.U.V..  It was really a choice of practicality without the compromise of a good bike brand.  Here are some of our considerations:
  • It's a space saver - We live in a condo. and although, we have a verandah, It is true pala that when you buy a bike that you like, you want to protect it, at all times!  Haha!  Right now, our folding bikes are stationed right beside our Prizmic & Brill Kipling Desk.  It kind of looks cool parked that way.  It somehow makes you feel like you're in another city where bikes are used as a mode of transport (such as New York, Paris, Amsterdam, etc.).   
  •  It's easy to transport - Since folding bikes are compact, they are easy to transport.  We do not use a bike rack for our bikes, we just put them in the passenger seat at the back of our car, and we're good to go.  
  • It's easy to fold - There are many bike brands in the market.  You'll find inexpensive brands but the mechanism that is used to fold the bike are sometimes built too tightly and it can be quite difficult to lock the bike in position.  Also, the locking mechanism may not be as smooth as that of a branded bike.  I suggest that if you are looking into investing in a folding bike, save up for a good brand with good locking technology and you'll realize later on that it is worth the extra bucks.
  • You get more value for your money - We bought our Dahon S.U.V. folding bikes at R.O.X. in Bonifacio High Street for Php 12,500.00 each.  This model comes complete with all the bike accessories you'll need (front and rear fenders, front and rear wheel spoke reflectors, front and rear reflectors, a bag carrier with strap and a bell).  In some Dahon models these would have to be purchased separately, ergo it may come out more costly.  For more detailed specifications of the Dahon S.U.V., click here.

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