13 June 2014

The Spa's Restorative Water Lily Facial and The Signature Gentleman's Facial, Plus a Special Father's Month Giveaway!

I have been dreaming of treating myself for some relaxation after a very busy week at work.  Then, a wonderful surprise came when I recently received an invitation from Michelle Brillantes of The Spa Wellness to try out The Restorative Water Lily Facial (for Me) and The Spa Signature Gentleman's Facial (for Mickey).  These facials of course use no less than our favorite elite spa brand, Pevonia Botanica.  So, with much excitement and without hesitation, I checked our separate schedules and set an appointment for a Saturday facial treatment at our neighborhood The Spa branch in Eastwood City.

Before our treatments started, we were met by Michelle at the reception of The Spa Wellness, Eastwood  City and gave us a run-down of the treatments that we are about to have.  Thank you so much Michelle for arranging this for us!        

A few minutes later, we were ushered by a staff of The Spa to our very own Suite Room named "Thebes".  The Spa's signature oil filled the air with an aromatic combination of peppermint and light citrus scent, instantly giving us the feeling of relaxation.   

Before our treatments started, we enjoyed the in-room facilities which included a shower and steam room.

We also had cups of The Spa's signature ginger tea and water waiting for us before we started the treatment.  We can never have enough of the ginger tea, it's strong yet soothing and we always end up requesting for another cup.

Here I am, ready for my Restorative Water Lily Facial

Restorative Water Lily Facial
The European White Lily, a majestic flower with exceptional curative powers, inspires this luxurious facial treatment. This corrective treatment increases collagen synthesis to help repair aged or unbalanced skin conditions and nourish premature aged or unhealthy looking skin. Abundant in Water lily essences, hazel nut oil, Vitamin E and flower extracts, this facial brings back balance and radiance leaving skin with an incomparable healthy glow. 
  • Immediately decreases skin temperature
  • Decreases burning sensation
  • Cools and soothes
  • Replenishes and hydrates
Recommended bi-monthly treatment. 
Restorative Water Lily Facial starts with gentle face cleansing thru exfoliation, steam & extraction and application of cleanser. Face is then massaged using aromatherapy oil followed by a massage cream. The facial mask seals in moisture and ensures that the full benefits of this luxurious facial, is achieved. A soothing mist, eye gel and moisturizer complete the experience.
Duration: 60 minutes
Restorative Water Lily Facial Pricing: 
*This facial is available in all The Spa Wellness branches
Lounge : Php 1,800 (Regular)/Php 1,600 (Member)
Suite/Villa : Php 2,000 (Regular)/Php 1,800 (Member)

Before the start of the facial treatment, I was asked by the aesthetician if I wanted to have blackheads and whiteheads removed.  Since I wear make-up (most of the time), I opted to have the impurities removed.  There's nothing like giving my skin a fresh, clean slate and allowing my skin to breathe.  I particularly like the  scent of the Pevonia Products used on my skin and how my skin felt so soft and smooth (and looked clearly refreshed) after the treatment. 

Mickey's ready for The Spa Signature Men's Facial

The Spa Signature Men’s Facial
A corrective and balancing facial developed exclusively for men.  It helps prepare the skin for a smoother, silkier shave.  This simple yet complete facial has the application of only the most effective phyto-extracts and essential anti-ageing vitamin essences.
  • Anti-ageing
  • Purifies, hydrates and repairs
  • Recharges appearance
      Recommended bi-monthly treatment.
The Spa Signature Men’s Facial starts with face cleansing.  Followed by exfoliation, steam & extraction and application of cleanser to remove dirt and impurities and products will be better absorbed by the skin.  Face is then massaged using aromatherapy oil then by a massage cream.  The facial mask seals in moisture and ensures that the full benefits of this luxurious facial, is achieved. A soothing mist, eye gel and moisturizer complete the experience.

Duration: 60 minutes
The Spa Signature Men’s Facial Pricing: 
*This facial is available in all The Spa Wellness branches  
Lounge : Php 1,200 (Regular) / Php 1,000 (Member) 
Suite/Villa : Php 1,400 (Regular) / Php 1,200 (Member)

Before the start of Mickey's facial treatment, he was also asked by his aesthetician if he would like to have blackheads and whiteheads removed.  At first, Mickey preferred not to have the impurities removed, but I told him that it would be best if he did to unclog his pores and have more healthier skin.  He took my advice and had the impurities on his skin removed too, although he had low tolerance for pain during the extraction, he said that it was worth having smoother and clearer skin after the treatment.  He also said that the Pevonia products used for his treatment had a scent that smells fresh and manly, which is a good thing.

Of course for both facial treatments, Pevonia Botanica products were used.  This was for Mickey's facial treatment.

Thank you The Spa Wellness and Pevonia Botanica for this luxurious weekend of pampering!

Since Father's day is just around the corner, it's time to share the experience to one (1) lucky Dad reader!

Calling all Dads, it’s your time to get pampered this Father’s Month!
Tina Villa in partnership with The Spa Wellness has created this Special Father’s Month Giveaway for all you dads out there!  Get a chance to win one (1) Signature Men’s Facial from The Spa worth Php1,400.  The lucky winner can experience it in either of the following The Spa Branches: Eastwood Mall, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Promenade Greenhills or Trinoma Mall. 
How to join?

Here are the mechanics:
  1. Dads, answer this simple question:  "How do you want to be pampered this Father’s Day?" 
  2. Send me your answers together with a photo of yourself with your kids at : tina.villa@ymail.com on or before June 27 before 12:00 noon with the subject “Tina Villa's The Spa Wellness Father’s Month Give-away”.  Don’t forget to include your full name, your mobile number, links to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts in the e-mail.
  3. Follow me on Facebook (click here),Twitter (@TinaVilla) or Instagram (@TinaVillaMNL).
  4. Follow The Spa Wellness on Facebook (click here), Twitter (@TheSpa1996) or Instagram (@TheSpa1996).
  5. Follow Pevonia Botanica Philippines on Facebook (click here), Twitter (@PevoniaPH) or Instagram (@PevoniaPH).
The best and most creative answer will win!  Yes, it’s that easy, Dads!  So what are you waiting for? Come and join our Father’s Month Giveaway and enjoy a Signature Men’s Facial at The Spa.
The winner will be notified via e-mail and the winner’s name will be announced on June 30 on or before 12:00 noon via this blogpost and thru my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page.  
Wishing all you Dads out there a Happy and pampered Father’s Month!

Incomplete submissions based on mechanics will not be qualified.

To know more about The Spa's services and to find the nearest The Spa branch near you, visit www.thespa.com.ph

To know more about Pevonia Botanica or to purchase products on-line visit www.pevonia.com.ph.  Also, visit Pevonia's skin care blog at www.pevoniaskincareblog.com.ph and read about Pevonia's products, promotions and other skincare and wellness articles. 

Have a relaxing weekend everyone! 

Special Father's Month giveaway winner:  Congratulations to Mr. Ping de Jesus for winning one (1) The Spa Signature Gentlemen's Facial for The Spa's Father's Month Campaign.  Enjoy your treatment at The Spa!

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