29 April 2014

Caramia Gelateria at Fairview Terraces

After having lunch at Namnam in Fairview Terraces Last Sunday, Mickey and I stopped by Caramia Gelateria for some Italian Gelato.  I guess there is nothing more decadent than having a cold, creamy, delicious gelato under this sweltering heat!  Apparently last Sunday (April 27), recorded Metro Manila's hottest temperature to date at 35.9 degrees Celsius.  Stay in the shade, hydrate and have some Gelato once in a while!  

Caramia Gelateria's pretty and cozy interior design at Fairview Terraces


28 April 2014

Namnam at Fairview Terraces

I must admit, the very first thing that attracts me to enter a restaurant is the interior design.  I believe that if a restaurateur invests on the aesthetics, then the food quality will also be of great standard (in the many times of our experience in dining out, this is quite true).

While we were on the Northern part of Quezon City over the weekend, we saw a new shopping complex called Fairview Terraces.  We decided to stop and check out some of  the restaurants and shops.  It was near lunch time, and having skipped breakfast, we were officially on the hunt for a new restaurant to try.  While choosing among the restaurants at the Ground Floor, we finally chose Namnam.  The restaurant is part of the The Moment Group of restaurants and serves Filipino (comfort food) dishes.


15 April 2014

NBA Cafe, Manila

During one of our SM Aura visits, Mickey and I stumbled upon the NBA Cafe Manila! If you are an NBA fan (or you know of someone who is), this is the perfect place to hang-out in.  Of course, Mickey was pretty much at home in this place, he was a varsity player for the U.P. Juniors Basketball Team and an NBA fan himself.

Just to give you an idea, here is how much he loves the game of basketball: at home, we have a cable subscription to NBA Premium TV (24 hours of pure NBA action), he collects the Olympic jerseys of his favorite Team USA basketball players, he has Michael Jordan's Ultimate Jordan DVD collection, he has books on Michael Jordan memorabilia and throughout the years, he has worn different basketball shoes of his favorite NBA Players (Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnet, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, John Wall).  Get the picture?  Haha!

Now, let me show you the First NBA Cafe in Asia (of course here in Manila) in these photos:

The obligatory photo behind the wall of NBA basketball jerseys


08 April 2014

Celebrating The Graduate

It’s time for a celebration!  My eldest nephew (a.k.a. my little brother), Jolo, has just graduated from college and was able to get a job before his graduation (woohoo!  Good times!).  So, during a weekday, we were able to squeeze in some time to gather for lunch at Kai, Greenbelt 5 to celebrate The Graduate and his new milestones. I have asked them to go ahead and order as I was running late.

As I was walking to meet them for lunch, I was having flashbacks in my mind on how fast time flies.  When Jolo was an infant, I used to babysit him when his parents were at work.  As he grew up, although I was his aunt, I also (sort of) became his elder sister too.  I would take him to our company’s Children’s Christmas party, he would come with me during our family day which is usually in the summer and he would run around, swim and frolic in the sun with the other kids, he also joined a group of students (who were also nephews, nieces, sons, daughters, of employees) for an internship at the office.  

As he matured, I saw him hone his entrepreneurial skills, make his own decisions, learn from his own life challenges and finally, found God (hence the shirt “All His”).

Mickey and Jolo


04 April 2014


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