29 November 2013

Finally, H&M in Manila!

But first, let's get to know the Swedish fashion brand a bit more.  H&M first opened in Västerås, Sweden in 1947.  Currently, H&M is the world's second largest fashion retailer with 3,000 stores spread across 53 markets worldwide.

The H&M Group offers fashion from the H&M, COS, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday and & Other Stories  brands, along with home interiors at H&M Home.

Here's a glimpse of H&M's current holiday collection:


28 November 2013

Pevonia's Dry Oil Moisturizer

Let me tell you about a new beauty product that I have tried recently - It’s a dry oil moisturizer from elite spa brand, Pevonia!  How does it work?  After taking a shower, just spray the dry oil moisturizer all over your body and massage until it is absorbed.  Unlike heavy and creamy lotions that usually just sit on your skin and take forever to absorb, the dry oil moisturizer is quick absorbing, non-greasy and reveals a matte finish that leaves skin soft and smooth.  
Pevonia’s dry oil moisturizer is also floral scented.  When I first tried this product, Mickey commented that it smelled good on me.  I love its fresh, clean scent and the fact that I can use this product and not wear any other fragrance on a casual day.  Before sleeping at night, this product is also a dream to use, I can jump into bed without having to worry that it will leave oily stains on the sheets! 

With the weather getting a bit colder this Christmas season (and even during the summer months when it's very dry), the dry oil moisturizer provides nourishment for dry skin caused by sudden weather changes or even extreme weather conditions. 


25 November 2013

Fruits in Bloom

Last Saturday, Mickey and I have started doing our annual closet, cupboards, shoe and storage editing (read: major general cleaning).  I think I may have overestimated the gargantuan task of it all.  It took quite some time to determine which ones we really needed to keep.  Living in a condo has many challenges and one of them is space, but I think more than that, what is important for us now is more room to breathe and move around in.  We had boxes labelled to give away/for donation and others to throw out.

At mid-morning, we were feeling a bit hungry as we both just had cereal and orange juice for breakfast .  It was great timing when the lobby receptionist called us and said that there is a delivery from Fruits in Bloom.


16 November 2013


Watching the news this week was heart wrenching.  Every time I turn on the TV, the screen was filled with images of widespread devastation left by Typhoon Yolanda.  Members of families desperately looking for lost loved ones, survivors going on for days without food, water or medicine, losing their homes and staying in the streets without protection from the heat and the rain.

For many of us, who were not affected, we can do our share in helping the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in many ways.  One of them is by joining The Picture Company's #SmilesForRelief Project.  For just a Php 500 donation and 10 minutes of your time for a photo shoot to give a smile for relief to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, you can provide a food pack, a hygiene kit and medicines to 3 families.

I stopped by The Picture Company's Greenbelt 5 branch for a 10-minute #SmilesForRelief shoot with Issa Avendanio.  Thanks Issa!


11 November 2013

Found: Modern Needlepoint Pillows

Here's what I am loving now, needlepoint pillows!  I discovered these intricately embroidered pillows entirely by accident over the weekend.  What I like about these needlepoint pillows is that the designs are colorful and the threads used on each pillow are of the same color family, which makes mixing different patterns much easier.   


08 November 2013

Quick and easy to prepare Top Torikatsu by Bounty Fresh

First of all, thank you Bounty Fresh and Harrison Communications for sending us 5 packs of Top Torikatsu in Classic and Cheese & Chives to try!

Top Torikatsu by Bounty Fresh Chicken comes in two flavors, Classic which is topped with tasty mayonnaise and coated in golden crispy bread crumbs and Cheese & Chives.  Each 450g pack contains about 6 pieces of breaded torikatsu.

What I like about Top Torikatsu is that it's made of 100% pure chicken breast meat.  You can have it with either rice, pasta or even your salad. 

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