13 September 2013

L'Indochine's First Private Shopping Party!

Several weeks ago, I got an invitation to L'Indochine's First Private Shopping Party.  I've been following L'Indochine's curators Charlene Panutat-Carlos and Leona Lavina-Panutat on Instagram @theinspirationseekers and have been seeing glimpses of their buying trips abroad.  It was quite exciting!  I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of their freshly picked merchandise in the store and finally, they're here!

Here are some snapshots at L'Indochine's First Private Shopping Party:

 Some sips enjoyed at the party


12 September 2013

Ikea products on sale at Mobler!

It's been a while since we visited Mobler, one of our favorite home stores that sells Ikea products.  Last Saturday, we had a free weekend so off we went to check out what's new at the store.  It was a pleasant surprise that they were on sale!  Mickey and I kept reminding each other that we will only buy what we need for the house.  In other words, to resist the urge to splurge!  Haha!  So, this is for you who may need to buy good home stuff at this time.  Let me show you what was on sale, all Ikea of course:

                                                                        Meatball sauce


05 September 2013

Toccare Spa

One of the many indulgences that I could never resist, is a trip to a spa.  When an invitation for a Wellness Spa Experience and Spa Cuisine at Toccare Spa arrived from Leah Dy, Vice President for Operations of Elohim Spa Solutions, Inc.  I got really excited!

Let me show you the place:

I love the mother of pearl wall installation at the reception of Toccare Spa.  It's so luxurious!


01 September 2013

A little bit of rock and roll: Mango Touch Ipad case

I've seen this Mango Touch Ipad case in Mango's Rockwell store a few weeks ago.  I was picking it up and putting it down, about three times.  I liked that it was a bit of rock and roll with the chain that was stitched on the sides of the Ipad case, and that it was a bit feminine with the quilted casing.  It was also a plus that they had it in black (so I don't have to stress out about getting it soiled or stained).

This weekend, I passed by the Mango Store in Eastwood Mall and found that they had the chain-trimmed Ipad case on sale!  From it's original price of (drumroll please!)....PHP 1,750.00 to just PHP 395.00!

Do you need a nifty new case for your Ipad?  Run! Don't walk! But please, don't stumble!  Haha!  You may still find this at the Mango stores.  They also have it in other colors such as papaya (peach) and water (mint).

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