03 July 2013

Afternoon Tea at TWG Greenbelt 5

The lifestyle of current times demands so much of us that we have to make a juggling act, balancing time for activities with family, friends and even for ourselves.

So, if there's even a tiny chance to have tea with family or a friend, you go for it!

One afternoon, I had tea with my friend, Bambi.  For some glorious reason, we were both free that day and just had to take the opportunity to meet for tea and catch up on each other's lives.

Don't we all wish that we are spending the weekend somewhere around the globe?   
I love that TWG named teas such as - weekend in Istanbul, Bombay, Casablanca, Shanghai, Moscow...

...weekend in Saint Tropez, Venice, Dubai, Singapore and in HongKong.

You actually want to be there, but if you can't, at least feel like you're there while drinking tea. 

The orders that afternoon are based on Bambi's love for travel. I am ordering for her a glass of Voyager's tea (she actually told the waiter that she would like to have hot tea but I told the waiter, "no she's not, she's having the Voyager's Tea.  Cold tea please".  Haha!). 

... while I ordered the Cote d' Azur tea.  I'd love to go there one day!

Here are the teas to celebrate Bambi's voyages (and more to come!  She has mastered the art of getting a visa).  Terribly bitten by the travel bug.  Haha!    

 We also ordered tea pastries

We had two orders of canele, muffins and scones (all of a sudden we are in the UK!  Haha!)

 The tea pastries are served with TWG Tea Jelly and whipped cream

Love the Tea Party Tea, great for an afternoon of bonding with the girls

They also have candle scents for the home

Tea jellies and Tea sugar too

Macarons that Bambi had her eye on

It was a great afternoon spent to catch up on a friend's journeys.  'Til we meet again, Bambs!  

Sample the pastries and tea with friends and family at TWG Tea in Greenbelt 5, Makati City!

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