18 October 2020

New Favorite Hygiene Essentials from Lifebuoy

Our new favorite hygiene essentials from Lifebuoy are now in the Philippines!

For over 100 years, Lifebuoy has always put good hygiene at the center of its mission. With a range of effective antibacterial products made with a unique Active Silver+ formula, Lifebuoy fights 99.9% of bacteria and viruses so that you're always protected whether at home or on the go.

Join us as we #DoTheLifebuoy! Always remember to wash hands regularly and practice good hygiene habits with your new hygiene essentials from Lifebuoy.

Do the Lifebuoy:

  1. Wash palms
  2. Back of hands
  3. Between fingers
  4. Thumbs and wrists
  5. Fingernails too!

Together, let's help prevent the further spread of bacteria and viruses.

 Keep safe and stay healthy, Lifebuoy Fam!


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