18 August 2019

Black Scoop Cafe, Eastwood City

My new neighborhood Cafe, Black Scoop Cafe Eastwood, checks all the boxes!  Let me tell you why.  It is a quaint cafe that seats about 30 people max.  They have an extensive line of drinks from milk teas, fruit teas, frappes, lattes, chocolate drinks and other specialty drinks like Thai milk tea and Pei Pa Koa with grass jelly. 

They also have food served in the cafe from pancakes, pasta dishes, buffalo wings, sandwiches, rice meals, and more.  You have a lot of choices with price points that are affordable and hence allows you to binge a little or a lot, depending on your mood.

My favorite seats are the wing chairs by the window.  They're so comfortable, we tend to stay longer than we normally would. Truth be told, we've been back several times already during weekends, Black Scoop Cafe has definitely become one of our favorite weekend lunch spots. 


The New Cream Silk Hydra Fresh

A modern Filipina's typical day is packed with busy schedules and activities that if there is one thing that certainly has to be to be on point, it would have to be our hair.  But the combined elements of heat, humidity and sweat and a long gruelling day sometimes weighs down our hair and worse, our scalp and hair may get greasy by the end of the day.

It is a good thing that my favorite hair conditioner brand, Cream Silk, has launched a new conditioner line aimed to address our hair's needs.  The new Cream Silk Hydra Fresh is Cream Silk's lightest conditioner, it is infused with Hydra-Collagen Technology that deeply hydrates every strand and locks in moisture to keep hair feeling fresh all day long.  Its water-based and easy-rinse formula is designed to condition hair without the heavy and greasy feel.  It is available in Fresh and Hydrated for oily and greasy hair, and Fresh and Bouncy for limp and flat hair.


10 August 2019

Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings at Capitol Commons

There is a new dining concept introduced by the Vikings Group recently, it's their newest food hall, Eatogether.  There are three words to remember: Load, Tap and Eat.  To experience dining at the food hall, you must first load at least Php 200.00 worth of Pay Credits on your Vikings Card.  Make food choices among the diverse food selections at any food stall that you like, tap the Vikings Card to pay for your order, then Eat and enjoy the food together with friends and family.

It's quite a fun concept, especially for people who like to try different cuisines all at the same time under one roof.  Also, Eatogether has a relaxed and casual vibe.  The food hall is easy to navigate, has plenty of well-spaced seating areas, whether for 2 or 200 people.  I also love the interior design of the space, it matches it's very youthful brand, with witty phrases in neon lights perfect for that precious Instagram real estate on your profile.  

The food hall is comfortable which allows you to linger longer with friends.  Plus, if you are a bit adventurous, play a game or two on the beer pong table or try the tequila train for a fun night.  There are also popular beats played by the DJ for you and your friends to dance to.  Eatogether is really a fun place to be at!

Let me take you on a tour in these photos:


09 August 2019

Marry Me at Marriott 2019

It is absolutely a beautiful fantasy turned into reality, the moment you walk into a Marry Me at Marriott event.  Expect no less than a feast of the senses and allow yourself to go through the motions of a beautiful wedding from beginning to end.  After all, a wedding is one of the most unforgettable and happiest moment in a couples life, and it symbolizes the start of a journey together as one.  

This year marks the 7th year of Marry Me at Marriott, and I must say that they have become the authority when it comes to weddings, whether intimate or grand.  Let me take you through this year's celebration in these photos:

As you enter the Marriott Grand Ballroom, you'll see this beautiful photo wall created by no less than Gideon Hermosa.  I absolutely loved the lights that seemed to appear like fireworks and the 3-D set up of romantic flowers, willowy leaves and candelabras.  It makes for dreamy photographs, and beautiful memories of your wedding that your guests can keep and also share on social media, and perhaps add your wedding hashtag as most couples being wed do nowadays.  

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