01 July 2019

The SBS Inkigayo Sandwich

Are you a sandwich person?  I surely am!  It is a quick grab and go meal for people on the go and also, not messy to eat.  There is a sandwich that has become popular among K-Pop fans, as their K-Pop idols have been seen eating and sharing it on their social media accounts with silly puns.  It is called the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich, and it started at Korea's well-known SBS music television program.  

Since K-Pop artists are not allowed to eat in the waiting areas of the popular TV program, they would then go to the 4th floor of the building to get some food to eat, and this is how the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich started to get famous.  It was also a way for fans to make friends with their K-Pop idols by discreetly inserting their phone numbers and give to their K-Pop idols.  Quite a smooth move!

What's inside the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich?  There are four levels to this triangular-shaped, devoid of crust sandwich, inside it are generous spreads of coleslaw, strawberry jam and egg and crab mayo.  It is technically half a square sandwich with no crust, but it can be quite filling!  It is also kept in a plastic wrap, inside a cute triangular box.

I'm pretty sure by now, it has piqued your curiosity!  You can also get a taste of the newly launched SBS Inkigayo Sandwich at Level 1, Center Atrium of Robinsons Manila.  Be quick, as they will be there only until Sunday, July 7th.  After the 7th, they will move to a new location.  Do follow them @inkigayosandwich.ph to find out where they will go next.

Trying my first SBS Inkigayo Sandwich with blogger friends, Carizza, Erika and Andy.  
Plus, a glimpse of the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich food truck.

Don't miss out on trying this new sandwich popularized by your K-Pop idols.  Don't forget to share the fun first time experience of trying the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich on social media by using the hashtags #sbsinkigayosandwich #idolsandwich.  It's deliciously addictive!

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