14 April 2018

Limited Edition K-Beauty Collection by blk Cosmetics

Following the successful launch of her very own beauty line last year, Anne Curtis has once again introduced her signature uncomplicated beauty regimen that would resonate to a lot of K-Beauty fanatics. 

Her newly launched K-Beauty line under blk Cosmetics is a collection of five make-up must haves that are key in achieving the K-Beauty look - Imagine the look of a fresh dewy face, with a natural flush, dreamy eyes and juicy looking lips.  The best thing about it, is that it's achievable, fast, easy, and most definitely uncomplicated. 


06 April 2018

Burt's Bees: Be a True Force of Nature

At an early age, I've always admired women of substance.  Women who have positive, driven personalities who are not only resilient in times of adversity but also have the power to inspire others to pursue their passion projects and make a difference.

In time for International Women's Day, Burt's Bees launched their "Be a True Force of Nature" campaign - where the spotlight was focused on naturally beautiful, real and confident women and their journey of expressing their true selves not only through the work that they do, but also how they help inspire others to live thoughtful and purposeful lives.

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