02 November 2017

Ridiculously Good Barbecue at Rackshack SM Aura

If there's a comfort food that always come first on my mind, it would have to be barbecue.  But how about some ridiculously good barbecue?  Here's some good news, Racks younger version, Rackshack has just opened a new branch at SM Aura.  The difference from Racks is that, Rackshack is a fast casual dining restaurant, designed for the younger generation, serving barbecued meats with different portion sizes and with more adventurous sauces, plus you can have fun and play some games with friends as well.

Rackshack founder, Chukri Prieto shares, "At Rackshack, we believe that barbecue should have no boundaries.  We want to turn barbecue into a unique social and interactive experience.  Choose a favorite among our sauces, or pick two or three and pour them all over your ribs.  Barbecue should be fun to eat and to share among friends.  That's the experience we'd like to bring to Rackshack, and take it to a whole new level."

Pork Rib
Double - Php 515.00
(also available in Single - Php 275.00)

Rackshack provides straight up awesome barbecue in an all-new concept.  Ordering a dish of your choice comes in three simple steps:  Step 1: Choose your meats.  Step 2: Choose your sides.  Step 3: Choose your sauce.

Rackshack also offers a variety of globally influenced dishes, taking its cues from Southern, Mexican, English, Spanish, Japanese and Asian influences.  Currently on the menu include Street Corn Salad, Carnitas Plate, Harajuku Potato Salad, Creole Garlic Shrimp and Fish and Chips. 

Here are some of the dishes you'll find at Rackshack:

Pulled Pork
Single - Php 225.00
(also available in Double - Php 275.00)

Texas Hot Link
Double - Php 335.00
(also available in Single - Php 185.00)

Cracked Fried Chicken
2 piece - Php 195.00
(also available in Half - Php 345.00 and Whole - Php 615.00)

Some of the Sides you can choose from:

Shack Beans
Php 65.00

Shack Slaw
Php 65.00

QP Corn
Php 65.00

Street Corn Salad
Php 195.00

What are my favorites?  The flavorful barbecued meats of course!

These are Rackshack's wide range of house sauces, and are definitely an homage to the original Rack's brand.  The only difference is that at Rackshack they have made something for everyone and for every taste imaginable.  Choose from Mother Sauce (Rackshack's signature house blend.  Mild and ridiculously good), Spicy Mother Sauce (an extra hot version of the Mother Sauce for those who want to turn the heat up), Hoisin Sauce (a burst of Asian flavors with a spicy kick), Carolina Gold (for mustard lovers who enjoy the blend of sweet and tangy flavors) and Kansas Sauce (a sweet and spicy blend).

Apart from the easy menu and creative sauces, Rackshack is also the perfect place to unwind after work or a new meet-up place with adventurous friends where you can also have fun and play the "Treat or Dare" darts, Foosball, Rackshack style beer pong and other games available at the restaurant.

Meet up with friends, have some amazing barbecue and have fun with a few games at Rackshack, located at SM Aura, Level 5, The Sky Park (open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.) or visit their other branch at Ayala Circuit Mall, Ground Floor (open Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 m.n.).  Rackshack also accommodates reservations for parties. 

In this photo (left to to right): Rochelle Rivera, Tina Villa, Chukri Prieto and Michelle Estranero) 

To find out what's new with Rackshack, find them on Instagram and Twitter.


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