18 March 2017

Cesa Skin Raw Sugar Scrub and Rope Soap in Coffee Biscuit

Summer for me means answering the call of the waves, hitting the beach on the weekend, doing my favorite water sport, paddle boarding or even just taking a scenic bike route with the view of the water.  But with all these fun outdoor activities, it would also mean getting exposed to the sun more than the usual.

Recently, I just discovered a before and after sun care duo that would help my skin to recover better from all that heat - Cesa Skin's raw sugar scrub and rope soap in Coffee Biscuit.  I tried them right away before and after spending some time doing outdoor activities and here is my review of this great smelling duo.

Cesa Skin's raw sugar scrub in Coffee Biscuit comes in a 150g jar.  The size for me is perfect for traveling and it comes with a small wooden spoon that you're supposed to use to get the raw sugar scrub with.  Don't lose it as you don't want water to contaminate the unused raw sugar scrub or perhaps get water into the jar of  if you use your fingertips in the shower.  I also suggest that you keep the jar tightly closed and out of the shower so as not to let moisture in.  Perhaps you can keep it in your vanity table after you've used it.

Once you open the jar, the scent of ground coffee beans, sugar and menthol greets your senses.  Reading its ingredients on the label it contains raw sugar crystals, coconut oil, ground coffee, fragrance, menthol crystals honey and a paraben free preservative.

I used the raw body scrub before doing any outdoor activity so that my tan would be even.  I use it lightly and sparingly on my damp skin as you don't really need a lot to get a good scrub.  After a few seconds of applying, my skin feels cool from the menthol in the scrub, which is such a welcome feeling before I go under the heat of the sun.  My skin also feels softer and smoother after I have used the scrub.      

Cesa Skin's rope soap in Coffee Biscuit comes in a 120g bar.  The soap is tied to a rope so it will not slip your hands when you use it and so that it can also be hung to your shower caddy after you have used it.

The soap has a marbled look from all the ingredients brought together into a packed bar.  It is a good sized soap which makes it perfect for travel, because when you travel and do outdoor activities you tend to bathe often.  Plus, you don't want to run out of a good soap in the middle of your vacation.  That spoils the fun and takes time out of your precious holiday!        

The soap has a lighter scent compared to the raw sugar scrub.  It gives out a good lather and does not melt easily unlike other soaps.  However, I found that the rope was sometimes in the way when I use the soap.  I was thinking, maybe if its embedded through the soap, you can maximize the surface contact of the soap on your skin.  But other than that minor detail, it was a good soap to use, it leaves your skin feeling minty after you use it. 

Don't miss out on what's cool this summer.  Try out Cesa Skin's raw sugar scrub and rope soap!  Click on the link below to get yours today.  For updates on Cesa Skin, find them on Instagram @Cesa_Skin on Facebook @CesaSkin and on Twitter @CesaPH 


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