31 January 2017

Be your own kind of beautiful with Dove

What really makes a person beautiful?  I believe that it is when a person is comfortable in their own uniqueness.  We are all exposed to society’s definition of “beauty”.  But I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that we are created uniquely beautiful and that’s what we should all celebrate. 

For me beauty equates to many things it can be having a positive outlook, confidence, strength of character, exuding joy, an infectious laugh, dancing even when everybody’s looking, helping others especially at their lowest point and being kind even when others are not.

Beauty for me is also about loving yourself, especially those that makes you uniquely beautiful.   An example is embracing the scars that I got from my surgery.  They remind me that I am a survivor and that God has shown me how beautiful life is through a miracle.  Surviving a life threatening illness gives you a different perspective on life.  You value everything, most especially the littlest of things.  Because after all, it’s the many little things that matter and are often taken for granted.  Today, I call them my battle scars and I wear them proudly.


28 January 2017

Kipling Cyrah Medium Luggage in Flamboyant Pink

It's no secret that my favorite bag of the moment is Kipling.  I have recently written about my new Kipling Aisling Cross Body Bag and how it's my favorite for travelling.  Of course, I need to partner that bag with yet another new favorite, my new Kipling Cyrah Medium Luggage in Flamboyant Pink!

It's light, fun color turned a lot of fashionable heads at the airport.  I guess it's because it's such a fun color and a refreshing sight to see versus a serious looking black colored bag.  Also, it is so easy to spot in a sea of bags at the conveyor belt.  Your eyes will instantly spot the Flamboyant Pink luggage with the cute Kipling Monkey on it. 

Weighing my Kipling Cyrah Luggage before checking-in at Singapore's Changi Airport 


27 January 2017

Bread Street Kitchen Singapore by Gordon Ramsay

It's our 5th and last day in Singapore and of course we couldn't leave without having to try International Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands. 

Gordon Ramsay is one of Mickey's favorite chefs to watch.  His favorite TV series are Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon's Ultimate Home Cooking and recently Matilda and the Ramsay bunch.  A visit to one of his restaurants is such a treat.  Can you see how happy he is in this photo?  He gamely asked me to take his photo beside Gordon Ramsay's photo at the Restaurant and copied his pose.  After I took the photo, he said "yes, chef!" which is what chefs-in-training under Gordon Ramsay would say in his TV shows. 


26 January 2017

Rise Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

No Singapore trip is complete without visiting it's famous landmark, the Marina Bay Sands.  The hotel is huge and it makes us dream of staying there one day.  We made reservations for buffet lunch at Rise Restaurant which was at the lobby of Marina Bay Sands and we were quite pleased that the place wasn't (yet) crowded when we arrived.  

Rise restaurant's lunch buffet costs S$52 per person (or P1,820 per person).  They serve a wide variety of international cuisine, from fresh seafood and sushi to pasta and roast meats.  The floor-to-ceiling windows, aptly spaced tables, modern art and greenery makes Rise the perfect setting for having a meal with loved ones and friends.


25 January 2017

S.E.A. Aquarium in Sentosa Island, Singapore

On our recent Singapore trip, Mickey and I also visited the S.E.A. Aquarium.  It is home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species, across into 49 different habitats and I am quite excited to get inside.  It must be nice to view them up close without having to wear a wet suit or put on diving gear.  Tickets to the aquarium costs S$38 per person (or P1,330 per person). 

And so, our underwater adventure begins


Ocean Restaurant by Iron Chef Cat Cora

I reserved a table at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora a few months earlier before our trip to Singapore so that I can request a table right beside the big aquarium.  Since it was a request, I wasn't sure if we would really get one (but I was hoping we will) given that it was quite a unique restaurant.  

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora is the latest dining concept developed by Resorts World Sentosa and Cat Cora - renowned celebrity chef and the first female Iron Chef in Singapore.  Cat Cora's dishes are light and healthy and uses the freshest produce from around the region.  The restaurant is located inside the S.E.A. Aquarium where diners get a magnificent view of the Open Ocean habitat while enjoying a truly memorable dining experience.

Guess what?  Here we are at our preferred table at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora.  Come take a peek!


24 January 2017

Jamie's Italian Singapore by Jamie Oliver

Singapore has a lot of celebrity chef restaurants and for some reason in Asia they seem to converge in this one beautiful country.  Since we don't have a lot of international celebrity chef restaurant's in the Philippines, this Singapore trip is also about trying their recipes.  

If there's one person who is very excited about this part of the trip, it would have to be Mickey.  He is a fan of Jamie Oliver's cooking shows at the Asian Food Channel.  It was a good thing he had a restaurant near Sentosa Island at their Jamie's Italian inside Vivo City Mall.  That night, we tried Jamie's evening favourites, which comprises of three courses for S$39.90 per person (or P1,396 per person).  

After watching a lot of his cooking on TV, it's now time to taste the real thing.  Come inside and take a peek!


Kipling Aisling Cross-Body Bag in Craft Berry

What is my one bag that I used all throughout our Singapore trip?  It is Kipling's new Aisling Cross Body Bag!  When travelling, I like to keep my hands free at all times, which means a cross body bag with an adjustable strap will do the trick. 


23 January 2017

Universal Studios in Sentosa Island, Singapore

The last time I have been to Universal Studios was in 2002, I visited the one in Los Angeles, California and I remember that it was a very fun experience.  It was so fun that I wanted to go back again the following day.  But what a spoiler, my schedule then would not permit a return to the amusement park the following day.  

Fast forward fifteen years later, can you just imagine how excited I was to go back?  But this time, Mickey and I will be visiting Universal Studios Singapore.  It is my first time in Singapore and I heard that the weather is hot & humid, but I was not prepared for the heat when we got there!  But on a good note, I'd rather have sun than rain. 

Sharing with you some photos and how our day went during our first visit to Universal Studios Singapore.

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