22 December 2017

The Perfect Gift: SM Gift Cards

Are you rushing to find that perfect gift?  Look no more as SM introduces their SM gift cards.  These are not your ordinary gift cards, but rather one that has been thought of quite well.  You can make your gift cards even more special with their Limited Edition Gift Card Sleeves for just Php 20.00.  Like this one that is specially designed for the Christmas season. 


19 December 2017

A Quick Birthday Getaway

A friend recently asked me, "Tina, what do you want for your birthday?"  It took me a while to answer her question but later on I answered and said  "Nothing in particular, what I really want is to spend my birthday out of town.  That would really make me happy."  This actually came true as I spent my birthday away from the city with my husband, Mickey.  We spent 3 days in Baguio and 2 days in Subic Bay, both of which are my favorite "happy places" in the North.

For me, what's important is time, but not just ordinary time, but one that will make great memories.  Honestly, I was a bit happy that on our second day in Baguio, for some reason, the LTE signal was terrible.  I actually enjoyed being unplugged, which is quite an unnatural feeling considering I do keep an online presence.  But just for this one time, I welcome the cooperation of a bad signal to actually immerse in the good cold weather of Baguio.

Here are some of the photos we took on my birthday.


13 December 2017

Gifts She'll Love: Burt's Bees Christmas Gift Sets

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you still haven't found the right gift for the women in your life, well, fret no more as Burt's Bees has perfectly curated Christmas Gift Sets that they'll surely love.  What's also nice about these gift sets is that the packaging is so pretty that there is no need to wrap them at all, just add a nifty red ribbon, a tag and you're good to go.  These beauty gifts sets will surely bring a smile to her face.


11 December 2017


There is a trend that I am loving recently, and for me it couldn't have come any sooner - It is the love for anything local.  Whether its being a tourist in our own country, exploring any of our 7,107 islands, going back to our roots and rediscovering local cuisines, finding our intricately designed accessories and fashion being revered even in foreign countries, as well as skilled craftsmanship in terms of furniture-making.  Right now, It's a good time to celebrate all things Philippine-made.

With this wave of loving all things local, a homegrown beverage brand called Locally was recently launched, a first of its kind, serving unique all-Pinoy flavors never before released.  With Locally, you get a taste of different regions in the Philippines with its ten indigenous flavors with really unique names.


08 December 2017

Big Guys Pizza, Home of the 36-inch Pizza

When watching home movies during weekends, we always order a box of party size pizza at a famous pizza delivery just for the two of us.  But we were wondering if it were really "party size" then how come two persons with a big appetite are able to finish it?  Well, here's the answer to our question, Big Guys Pizza recently sent us their 36" pizza and they weren't kidding when they said that "We make 'em Big".

When the pizza was being delivered at our condo, the lobby guard asked Mickey "if there is someone celebrating a birthday party today?"  Now, this is a truly party size pizza!  Mickey had to assist the delivery guy as it can't fit the elevator door, it can only go in by tilting the pizza box diagonally.  I was laughing as they were bringing in the pizza, I told the delivery guy that I've never seen a pizza this big.  We even have to clear our Christmas table setting temporarily to make way for it.  Before digging in, we just had to take a photo of how real and big this is.


07 December 2017

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory opens in Molito, Alabang

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is based in the charming town of Durango, on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Colorado, USA.  From its 53,000 square foot factory, they produce an extensive line of approximately 300 premium chocolate candies and other confectionery products, using proprietary recipes developed primarily by their master candy maker.

Their fine line of chocolate products include many varieties of clusters, caramels, creams, meltaways, truffles and molded chocolates.  You'll also find in individual stores a variety of caramel and candy apples, fudge, chocolate items and confections in full view of the customer using traditional cooking methods.


06 December 2017

Fifth Rack opens in White Plains

Fifth Rack, is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle store that houses up and coming brands. It also features some products that you can't find in malls or other retails stores, plus some popular global brands as well. Their first store in BF Paranaque has become a go-to store for fashionistas in the South for unique fashion items from rising local brands and designers.  Recently, Fifth Rack opened their second store in the North (in White Plains, Quezon City), which makes me happy, this second branch is near me, woohoo!

Miel Villamor, Owner of Fifth Rack, shares "I'd like Fifth Rack to be a one-stop shop for all sorts of unique apparel for men and women, but also items for kids, home items, and beauty products.  We want to establish the image that we have something for everyone, from teens, to young professionals to even moms and titas." 

This proves to be true during my visit to Fifth Rack, they had a good selection of brands in the categories of fashion, beauty, home essentials and even food items.  There is also a clear sign of promoting homegrown brands, unique finds and some popular global brands as well.  Surely, there is something that would catch your eye.  Here are some of the products you'll find at Fifth Rack, White Plains:

Packable and convertible shopping bag and backpack from Notabag


01 December 2017

School of Satchel x KeepCup

It's only a few weeks before Christmas, and everyone is in a rush to buy the perfect gift for their friends and family.  Recently, I learned about School of Satchel and KeepCup and they definitely have products that are perfect for gifts this Christmas.


30 November 2017

Watch Like a Boss with Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered

Recently, we had a lot of long holidays declared due to the ASEAN Summit held in the Philippines. We just had a staycation at home due to the horrendous traffic caused by the dedicated ASEAN lanes for delegates.  Mickey and I watched a movie marathon on cable TV, but there were times that we ran out of good programs to watch, and we wished there were more channel options.

Last week, our wish was granted when we received a box from Globe at Home at Casa Villa!  Inside it is a comfy blanket, a pillow, a mug to put our drinks in, microwaveable popcorn to munch on while watching our favorite shows, a flashlight for when we watch scary movies and the most important thing inside the box (and probably one of the best gifts to receive this Christmas) is the Roku powered streaming stick, which allows Globe Streamwatch users to watch a variety of content across 100+ free channels in different categories including sports, lifestyle, travel and more.  You know what this means?  We can now Watch Like a Boss in the comforts of our own home and at our own time on our HD ready TV.


18 November 2017

Aquafina is now in the Philippines

Aquafina, the world's best-selling bottled water brand is now in the Philippines.  Known for its purity, the Aquafina brand has won over consumers around since its introduction in the U.S. in 1994.

Aquafina water is purified using the best technology available to purify water.  The process includes reverse osmosis, ozonation and carbon filtration to remove chlorides, salts and other substances that can affect the taste of water.  Aquafina prides itself in delivering consistently crisp taste in every bottle, across the globe.


04 November 2017

A New Generation of Selfies with the New OPPO F5

OPPO recently set another groundbreaking technology as they unveiled the new OPPO F5.  It now has the A.I. Beauty Recognition, a technology designed to personalize beautification based on the physical facial traits of a person, giving a customized selfie that is unique to every person.  This technology learns the specific facial features of different people from its global image database of human faces.  The A.I. is also able to recognize the subjects' skin tone and type, gender and age,  match them against its database and subsequently make beautification enhancements that are personalized for each individual selfie.

OPPO influencers Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Janella Salvador and Gabbi Garcia


02 November 2017

Ridiculously Good Barbecue at Rackshack SM Aura

If there's a comfort food that always come first on my mind, it would have to be barbecue.  But how about some ridiculously good barbecue?  Here's some good news, Racks younger version, Rackshack has just opened a new branch at SM Aura.  The difference from Racks is that, Rackshack is a fast casual dining restaurant, designed for the younger generation, serving barbecued meats with different portion sizes and with more adventurous sauces, plus you can have fun and play some games with friends as well.

Rackshack founder, Chukri Prieto shares, "At Rackshack, we believe that barbecue should have no boundaries.  We want to turn barbecue into a unique social and interactive experience.  Choose a favorite among our sauces, or pick two or three and pour them all over your ribs.  Barbecue should be fun to eat and to share among friends.  That's the experience we'd like to bring to Rackshack, and take it to a whole new level."

Pork Rib
Double - Php 515.00
(also available in Single - Php 275.00)


01 November 2017

Penshoppe's #IamDifferent Campaign

Local retail brand, Penshoppe, recently launched their newest campaign called #IAmDifferent.  It is the brand's first Corporate Social Responsibilty campaign that sheds light on bullying especially now that we live at a time where being different oftentimes results to being mocked, isolated and bullied.  #IAmDifferent aims to form a movement to inspire everyone to embrace their own uniqueness, despite what other people may think.  "Being different is something to celebrate and be proud of, that's why Penshoppe is truly committed to empowering the youth to embrace their individuality", says Jeff Bascon, Penshoppe's Brand Director.  


28 October 2017

Manila Life Café by Marriott Manila

"Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila"  Manila Life Café by Marriott Manila has just opened at NAIA Terminal 3!  What's on the menu?  All-Day Almusal (Breakfast), Pampagana (Appetizers), Manila Tacos and Burgers, Mama's Comfort Bowls, It takes Gutz Homemade Bam-I, Panghimagas (Dessert) and lots of refreshing beverages.  Whether you're arriving or leaving Manila, or simply craving for some Filipino cuisine with a modern twist, come visit Manila Life Café at NAIA 3.  You'll not only love the food, the ambience is relaxing, and the music is all about Manila Life.  Come take a peek inside, Manila Life Café by Marriott Manila.


26 October 2017

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf celebrates the Tradition of Giving with the 2018 Giving Journal

As Christmas draws near, I sometimes find my thoughts are ahead of me and find myself already planning for 2018.  To organize my thoughts and ideas, I would need a journal to jot down everything.  You know what journal would be great to have?  The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's 2018 Giving Journal.  

They are now on their 10th year since they started the Giving Journal advocacy.  Every year, those who participate in this holiday tradition are able to help out Real Life Foundation's legacy of transforming scholar's lives.  Isn't that great?  Since their establishment, Real Life Foundation has already given 300 scholarships around the country and help them earn university degrees.  Through the support of those who participate in the Giving Journal campaign, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has produced over 40 graduates, a number which they commit to grow through the years in their efforts to make a difference in other people's lives.  

There are many things to be grateful for, and I find, if you ever need to get a journal, it would be great if you can also positively impact another person's life.  Sometimes, what others need is just a little bit of help, and we all can offer a helping hand through the Giving Journal campaign in our own little way.       


12 October 2017

Step Up Your Eye Game with SM Beauty

I've always loved the natural look when it comes to make-up, but nothing makes a look more cohesive than to frame a happy smile with full brows, the perfect winged line on your eyelids and curled lashes for a wide awake look and to add emphasis to your eyes.  Here are some shots of the level-up natural look I made:


03 October 2017

Closeup Fresh Attraction: Oxyrush and Arctic Shock

Our partner in freshness, Closeup introduced a new modern look this year.  Recently, they introduced the New Closeup Fresh Attraction toothpaste variants - Oxy Rush and Arctic Shock.  Both powered by the rush of shocking menthol, it allows us to experience freshness and get closer than ever, like never before.


01 October 2017

Collagen by Watsons Skin Care Range

Are you experiencing these skin horrors: oily skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone,  fine lines and wrinkles, droopy or sagging skin?  These skin concerns may have resulted from low collagen levels in the skin.  Collagen is the building block of the skin's structure and it is naturally produced by our bodies.  Unfortunately, as people age, coupled by stress and lifestyle choices, collagen production slows down or weakens.

It's a good thing that nourishing the skin with collagen products can help address various skin concerns.  Watsons keeps it promise to help us look good as the retail brand brings us its own brand of simple and effective skin scare solution range, Collagen by Watsons.

Collagen by Watsons is a new generation of skincare that contains critical nutrition for your skin.  This skincare concept, originally developed in Korea, has been dermatologically tested and proven to help boost the skin's natural collagen levels.  It is designed with Tri-Collagen Complex, a unique formulation of three (3) collagen molecules working together, penetrating down to deeper layers of the skin.  It purifies and regenerates the skin cells and improves elasticity.

Collagen by Watsons believes in the simple truth that beauty lies in the layers.  This means going back to the basic foundation of skin - collagen.  The skin must be nourished from within to prevent and solve skin concerns, leaving you with better, if not best-looking skin ever.  

Collagen by Watsons offers an extensive range that suits your skincare needs:

Dryness, roughness and skin dullness.  These are the signs that you skin is dialing the rescue hotline.  The Nourishing range's collagen boosting system improves the skin's elasticity to keep it moisturized, firm and supple.


23 September 2017

Uncomplicated Beauty: BLK Cosmetics

I was intrigued when I received a top secret invite to a beauty launch that was held last week at the posh Manila House Private Members Club.  A new cosmetics line was launched by actress, singer and now newly minted make-up mogul, Anne Curtis.  The brand is BLK Cosmetics, which stands for the color black, Anne explains the color symbolizes elegance, timelessness and being uncomplicated.  In this new beauty venture, she has partnered with successful businesswoman and renowned beauty maven, Jacqe Yuengtian Gutierrez, and created a make-up line that celebrates uncomplicated beauty.


01 September 2017

The Great Singapore Airlines Getaway with Mastercard

Calling all travel bugs!  I know you've been waiting for the best travel deals all year round.  Now, here's the perfect chance to get ready for that much needed and much awaited vacation, as Singapore Airlines and SilkAir brings you their latest travel campaign, "The Great Singapore Airlines Getaway", together with Mastercard.  The global campaign gives you the perfect opportunity to visit great places at great prices and with great perks for you to not only treat yourself, but also the entire family for an unforgettable travel experience of a lifetime.   

Indulge in your passions with exhilarating attractions, sights, sounds and gastronomic delights in Singapore from USD160.  Explore the wonders that Southeast Asia has to offer from USD215 or soak up the sun for a beach getaway in Maldives, from USD640.  If you're looking for an adventure down under, you can also enjoy attractive fares to Australia from USD540 and New Zealand from USD760.

Indulge in your passions in Singapore for as low as USD 160

Soak up the sun in Australia's pristine beaches for as low as USD540

Seeking extra comfort when you travel?  Premium Economy Class fares are also available to key destinations like Japan or Korea from USD1,000, Australia from USD1,020, Europe from USD1,500 and USA from USD1,850, while if you want to experience traveling in luxury, enjoy promotional Business Class fares to Singapore starting from USD690, and other destinations in Southeast Asia from USD850, Sydney from USD1,980, Europe from USD 2,515, and USA from USD3,005.

Love is in the air in Paris with Singapore Airlines and Mastercard's amazing Premium Economy

Take a relaxing stroll among the vibrant high story homes in Copenhagen

Watch world-class plays in New York

See the beautiful sites in San Francisco

Apart from these amazing fares, SIA, SilkAir and MasterCard are topping up their offering with a free Singapore Stopover Holiday.  By simply purchasing a minimum of two (2) round-trip tickets of the same itinerary beyond Singapore, you can enjoy a stopover in Singapore with free 1-night accommodation in Singapore's spectacular hotels, and get to experience the Lion City like never before, with one-time access to over 15 great attractions.  What's more, KrisFlyer members can also earn double miles for hotel bookings made through Agoda or when renting a car through rentalcars.com during the promotion.  Incredible value-adds are also in store for those who love shopping as travelers will receive a S$10 KrisShop eVoucher for every round trip ticket booked on singaporeair.com!

"We are looking forward to unveiling more surprises for our dear patrons as we continue with our 70th anniversary celebrations, starting of course with "The Great Singapore Airlines Getaway", said Balagopal Kunduvara, SIA General Manager - Philippines.  "We are glad to continue working with MasterCard for the benefit of its cardholders and our travelers, added Kunduvara.

Don't miss your chance at 'A Great Way to Fly'!  The Great Singapore Airlines Getaway, exclusive to Mastercard cardholders and KrisFlyer members, runs from September 7 to 24, 2017, with a travel period of October 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.  For bookings and inquiries, visit Singapore Airlines Ticket Office or call SIA Manila Reservations at 756-8888.  For updates, find Singapore Air on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram, or visit:


26 August 2017

Watsons Time To Renew: A Beauty, Health & Wellness Campaign

Watsons Philippines just launched their newest beauty, health and wellness campaign called "Time To Renew" and reminds us to take time to take better care of ourselves - to Restore, Rejuvenate, Recharge and Renew ourselves despite our busy lifestyles.  It's time to get back on track health wise by Restoring beauty with proper skin care, Revitalizing our tresses with the best hair care products and Recharge our health to energize our bodies so we can do more of the things we love.  


25 August 2017

Pure Beauty Urban Shield Line: Nature's Best Barrier

Living in the city has its many advantages, but it also has its fair share of disadvantages.  One of which is our skin’s exposure to pollution and extreme sun damage on a daily basis.  Though there may be things we cannot change, there are also ways we can best protect our skin from the harmful effects brought about by city living.  Whether you’re on your way to work, running errands or going from one meeting to the next, it’s never too late to protect your skin with products that can really nourish and protect from the inside out.


20 August 2017

Shiseido The Collagen

Collagen is the most common protein found in the human body.  It is about 1/3 of our body's composition and this protein is essentially the glue that holds our bodies together.  

There is a wealth of health benefits that Collagen provides including healthy hair, improves digestion, improves vision, strong bones, revitalized nails, less inflammation, balanced hormones, anti-aging properties, better dental and gum health, faster wound healing, better sleep and relieves anxiety, just to name a few.


08 August 2017

Our 8th Year Wedding Anniversary at Pico Sands Hotel, Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, Nasugbu, Batangas

Ever wanted to go on a serene weekend escape not too far from the city?  A few months ago, we embarked on a journey to visit Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club in Nasugbu, Batangas, which is a good 2.5 hours from our starting point in Eastwood City, Quezon City, to celebrate our 8th year wedding anniversary.  Has it really been 8 years already?  It feels like just a year ago that Mickey and I got married.  I guess it is true when they say that, time flies when you're in a good relationship and having fun.


04 August 2017

Experience Korea in Eight BonChon K-Tastic Ways

Most people I know these days, go to a certain country with a goal to experience their food culture.  If Korean food is one on your bucket list, and you haven't been to Korea yet, here's a chance to experience Korea through their great tasting food without even booking a plane ticket. 

We're listing down Eight BonChon ways to have a K-Tastic gastronomic experience.  Ready?  Let's go!:

1.  How about starring in your first-ever K-Drama?  Re-live how Kim Bok Joo (from Weightlifting Fairy) bites her delightful chicken by taking a bite of  BonChon’s well-loved Korean-Style Chicken. BonChon K-Style Chicken is hand-glazed with a selection of signature fusion of Korean flavors, 4 deliciously unique glazes that will most definitely make you crave differently.  Each bite will surely give you the perfect Korean adventure.


01 August 2017

Marriott Asia-Pacific Culinary Workshop 2017

This year, Manila Marriott is hosting the 2017 Marriott Asia-Pacific Culinary Workshop, a gathering of the Region's finest culinarians.  How fun it was to celebrate with them on their first day, as they jump start their 4-day conference with a Fast and the Furious theme at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

There were fast bikes and cars with loud and clear sound systems that played music all night, excerpts from Fast and the Furious movie were being shown in the widescreens, the servers were dressed up in racing gear, which by the way was so cool!  In true Marriott Grand Ballroom fashion, three food stations came down from the ceiling, the cheese and fruit & nut station, the salad and shrimp cocktail station and the dessert station.  There was also a huge pan where they served rice and sisig and also a carving station with organic vegetables.  Right in the middle of the ballroom was the decked out elevated bar, where they served wine, Fast and the Furious themed cocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks.  It was a fun, fun night.


24 July 2017

The 3rd Annual SM Lipstick Fest Celebration

Hello lipstick lovers!  It's that time of year again.  The SM Store Beauty Section is calling beauty enthusiasts to their 3rd Annual SM Lipstick Fest Celebration, which starts on July 29 (which also coincides with international Lipstick Day) until August 23, 2017.  

Prepare to take advantage of discounts, freebies and promotional offers from participating brands: Benefit Cosmetics, Bobbie Cosmetics, BYS, Clio, Cover Girl, Deborah, Detail, Ever Bilena, Flormar, Golden Rose, Happy Skin, In2It, Jazzy, Max Factor, Pop Beauty, Revlon, Shawill, Shiseido, Sleek Makeup and more.


23 July 2017

Oishi Snacktacular 2017

Lately, we've been watching a lot of home movies, and just like watching at the cinemas, we really stock and munch on snacks whenever we watch films at home.  What great timing when I received a box full of Oishi Wafu rolled wafers with cheese, chocolate and leche flan filling.  You know what that means!  Movie, snack, and fun time is officially on at Casa Villa.


21 July 2017

Grande Rice Bran Oil

Have you heard about Rice Bran Oil as probably the healthiest oil of all?  I couldn't believe at first, but when experts hail it to be the most balanced and versatile oil in the market, I started doing my research on it.  Here is what I found:

Rice Bran Oil has the right combination of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as recommended by the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization.  Now that says a lot about an oil, it can even improve cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

Rice Bran Oil is extracted from the middle layer of the husk and the grain wherein it is rich in natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E, phytosterols and Gamma-oryzanol.  Using the finest extraction and physical refinement process of Grande, it was able to produce one of the healthiest oils in the world that you can use to fry, sear and sauté without worrying that what you're digesting is too oily and unhealthy for you.  Grande Rice Bran Oil is labeled as "The Olive Oil of the East", and as such, you can even use it in salads as a healthy dressing and a base for baking.


19 July 2017

The Flair and Passion of Origen Flamenco brought to us by Doña Elena

I was so fortunate to be able to watch Spanish performing arts group, Origen as they performed a lively and passionate Flamenco performance at the Power Mac Center, Circuit Makati.  From the live music and vocals to the distinct intense dance moves, it was such an emotional experience to watch an authentic performance, which is inspired by the music of the legendary Paco de Lucia, a Spanish virtuoso flamenco guitarist, composer and producer.  Indeed, both music and dance come together with passion through Flamenco. 


17 July 2017

Chase the Sun with Eres Tú

Watsons just introduced their newest exclusive K-Beauty line, Eres Tú and when they send over a bag of beauty products that says "hello sunshine!" you know that its all about keeping your skin protected when you're out enjoying a sunny day.

K-Beauty tested!


25 June 2017

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue The New Eau Intense Fragrance

I could still remember the time when almost everyone I knew wore Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue fragrance when it first came out years ago.  It was a scent that appealed to many and it instantly became iconic.  Recently, I received an invitation to celebrate a new chapter into the blue of Capri as Dolce & Gabbana reinvents its two cult fragrances: Light Blue and Light Blue pour Homme.  Renewing their sensual freshness with unique accents.  Making them even more irresistible, vibrant and long-lasting.  Turning them a deeper shade of Mediterranean blue.


23 June 2017

Care You Deserve from pH Care

For many years now, pH Care has always been a brand that understands a woman's needs and gives the care we all deserve.  Each pH Care feminine wash bottle contains 7 intimate benefits:  It is antibacterial, it cools and refreshes, it deodorizes, it is OB-gyne tested, it contains silky softeners, it's hypo allergenic and most importantly, it has the right pH level of 5 perfectly matching that of the intimate area.  With all these benefits, it is no wonder that pH Care is currently the country's leading brand of feminine wash. 


19 June 2017

Live your Best Life with Boost

What boosts you?  Is it the love for travel, exploring a new place and learning about different cultures, engaging in adrenaline pumping sports activities, to never stop learning and mastering a new skill or a craft?


12 June 2017

Fast, Safe and Fully charged gadgets everyday with XPower

Live digital TV streaming, Spotify, FaceTime, Instagram and using your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to your other gadgets.  They all need power and it drains your batteries fast, plus modern mobile phone specs are now faster making it even more power hungry.  We need quick, safe, and reliable power bank, cables and car chargers that can sustain our digital age lifestyle. 

It's a good thing we can ensure that our gadgets can always be fully charged and have reliable cables with Digital Walker's latest line, XPower.  Their products come in four major categories based on the high power demands of their customers, from powerbanks, chargers, cables and even to headphones.  Each product is designed to help you get through your digitally connected day as smooth as possible.


04 June 2017

Mickey's Birthday at CRU Steakhouse, Manila Marriott Hotel

Today we celebrated Mickey's birthday at our favorite steakhouse in Manila Marriott Hotel, CRU.  It is always a pleasant experience dining in CRU, they serve the most delicious steaks and dishes on their menu, the ambience is perfect for a romantic night out, plus the service is always at its best.


Doña Elena Olive Oil brings the Philippine airing of US Master Chef Season 8 on Star World

Catch the Season 8 premiere of US Master Chef on June 8, 8:00 p.m. on Star World.  The newest season will showcase not only great tasting dishes but also a new breed of passionate cooks who will change the exciting culinary scene, one recipe at a time.

For this new season, Mexican-American Chef and James Beard Award Winner, Aaron Sanchez joins acclaimed Pastry Chef, Christina Tosi and Main Host and Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay as judges.

"I haven't wanted something professionally this bad in a long time", says Sanchez while also sharing that this project is a dream come true.


02 June 2017

Aveeno Baby is now in the Philippines!

Moms always want only the best for their babies, especially when it comes to protecting their delicate skin and hair.  I'm pretty sure most moms have scoured the shelves of baby needs stores, or probably have tried natural home remedies just to find the perfect solution for your baby's delicate skin and hair needs. 

Now, the search is finally over for all you moms out there, Aveeno Baby is now conveniently available in the Philippines!  Protecting your baby's delicate skin and hair is finally just within reach.  There is no more need to stock up when you travel abroad or even ask friends or relatives to buy for you.


25 May 2017

SM World of Beauty

Whenever I travel abroad, there is one shopping rule that I stick by.  As much as possible, I will only buy something if it's not available in the Philippines.  There would only be an exception if it's actually more cheaper than what we have in the Philippines.  Otherwise, it will just be a waste of precious luggage space and shopping money. 

During my recent trip abroad, I honestly didn't have the motivation to go inside make-up stores because as I have mentioned, almost all were available here.  To me, this is actually a clear indicator that beauty has indeed gone global in the Philippines.  But if there is one place I love going to when buying make-up, it would have to be The SM Store's Beauty Section.  It's a wonderland of make-up finds and a haven for make-up fanatics like me. 

Recently, I was invited to shop and experience the World of Beauty with The SM Store Beauty Section at SM Aura Premier.  During the event, we were transported to different continents, respective flags where placed on the different beauty brands origins.  To make things even more fun, we were all given Beauty Passports where we would need to complete 8 stamps and participate on different beauty games hosted by different brands.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a huge beauty loot bag.  Was I challenged?  You bet!  Here are some scenes during the SM World of Beauty Tour:         

At the Cover Girl beauty area, they asked me to guess where the Covergirl + Olay Pressed Powder was in the three boxes.  I have to admit, this was quite difficult.  But after a few tries, I was finally able to guess where it was.


20 May 2017

Your New Vegan Go To Place: Marriott Manila

Have you ever tried the vegan lifestyle?  It might be a bit hard at first but oftentimes, people have their personal reasons for shifting.  Most of the time, they want a healthier lifestyle by eating plant-based food.  Whatever reasons you might have to shift, there is no doubt that your body will benefit from adding this diet to your lifestyle.  And if you honestly can't embrace to go vegan lifestyle 100%, you can try to taste some of their tasty dishes and see if you'll like it.  Marriott Manila can help you into that transition, as their award winning chefs have come up with dishes that will satisfy your plant-based cravings.

To start off, Marriott Manila has teamed up with one of the world's finest chocolate makers, Felchlin Switzerland to enhance their delectable chocolate creations.  Felchlin's Export Corporate Pastry Chef Anil Rohira flew to Manila and teamed up with Marriott Manila's Executive Pastry Chef Fil Afable to enhance their delectable desserts.  


18 May 2017

Pizza Party Day with Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza

"Pineapples on pizza" has been a widely debated topic by barkadas when ordering pizza for their perfect bonding sessions.  Some prefer it and some don't.  But according to Greenwich's survey, a huge chunk of Filipinos consider Hawaiian pizza as their favorite flavor. 

This year, Greenwich has turned the spotlight to their Hawaiian Overload Pizza on Pizza Party Day which falls on May 19, 2017.  It's made of seven awesome ingredients on a freshly baked pizza crust and it's perfect to share with your barkada.

This pizza could end the pineapple or no pineapple debate.  I brought home a box to share with Mickey (who is a "no pineapple on my pizza" kind of guy) and he said that the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza had actually changed the way he looked at pineapples on a pizza.  "It has the right kind of saltiness combined with the sweetness of fresh cut pineapples", he added.  I think this recipe, can literally change the way people look at Hawaiian pizzas!   

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