31 December 2016

Welcoming the New Year at Cru Steakhouse, Manila Marriott

One evening while we were stuck in traffic, Mickey and I reminisced about how we went on dating at fine dining restaurants before.  Some of them already closed, we then laughed out loud after we realized that it was a long time since we went to one.  Don't you just love it when you coincidentally receive a text that gets your heart racing?  That's exactly what happened when I got a text from Michelle Garcia, Director for Marketing Communications at Manila Marriott Hotel, inviting me and Mickey for dinner at Cru Steakhouse!  Of course, you never say no to that kind of an invitation.

This photo was taken a right at the entrance of Cru Steakhouse.  Each time I look at it, it reminds me of our early days of dating.  It brings a very big smile to my face.   


24 December 2016

The Bird House Cafe in Subic Bay

Last week, when the city was abuzz with all the Christmas parties and just when everyone was busy completing their Christmas lists, Mickey and I snuck away and left the city to celebrate my birthday out of town.  It was a no-brainer, there are a few places in the Philippines that is a favorite and the fastest to access for me is Subic Bay. Having gone here many times, we have seen most of what the city has to offer.  But for this birthday weekend, we were lucky enough to have met some fine feathered friends.

Visiting The Bird House Cafe for the first time was a unique experience.  It is hard to miss, the cafe is designed like a huge red birdhouse with tinted glass windows all around and is located just outside Magaul Bird Park.  When we arrived, we first peeped through the glass doors and saw these colorful budgies freely flying around the cafe.  Mickey and I absolutely love animals, and any chance to interact with them is always a delight.


15 December 2016

The First Ever Sony Fair!

Sony Philippines hosts the first ever Sony Fair at Bonifacio High Street, BGC!  The fair brings together some of Sony's flagship products in different spaces dedicated to mobile, digital imaging, home entertainment, personal audio and gaming for everyone to enjoy.  I had a first hand experience of the fair during the media launch.  Let me take you through the Sony Fair through these photos:


01 December 2016

Casa Villa gets ready for Christmas 2016

My favorite season is finally here!  Christmas sends joy and happiness to our hearts at Casa Villa.  Probably because, it is one great reminder that Jesus Christ was born.  There is no greater way to celebrate this special gift than to gather and celebrate that special day.

I guess you know by now that my favorite thing to do is dressing up our special table for two at Casa Villa.  I always change it up every year and this year, I wanted something very festive, colorful and something bright on the table.  This year, there are new pieces, heirlooms and current favorites.        

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