10 October 2016

New Betadine Fresh Bliss

A few weeks ago, I received an All-Day Freshness Care Pack from Betadine.  The care pack contained a soft bath towel, a fluffy loofah, a pair of rubber slippers whose colors, lavender and pink blended well with the introduction of two of their new daily feminine wash variants, the New Betadine Fresh Bliss in Lavender Dreams and Pink Paradise!  

Now, you too can experience the new Betadine Fresh Bliss variants!  It is delicately formulated for daily gentle cleaning.  It contains Anti-Itch Avena Oats that helps soothe and prevent itching and Gentle Defense Lactic Acid to protect your intimate area from unpleasant odor and infection caused by bacteria and fungi.  What's best is that with its Paraben-free formula, you can experience gentle and safe care without the irritation associated with harsh chemicals.

Both variants smell pleasantly good, but mild enough so as not to cause irritation.  It has low viscosity and provides medium lather but is still effective as a daily hygiene regimen.  Plus, I love that it came in big 250ml bottles.

Celebrate intimate confidence with New Betadine Fresh Bliss in Lavender Dreams and Pink Paradise! 
It leaves a fresh scent, it's clinically tested and is pH balanced.

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