28 April 2016

Experience The Healing Power of Vaseline Jelly, Now in Lotions!

As the song goes, "Feeling hot, hot, hot!".  Lately, the over the top hot temperatures we've been experiencing has become a daily dilemma or shall I say (but, hopefully not) summer's new normal.  Sometimes, simply going out for lunch can feel like you're actually being baked in an oven.  So, we choose to stay indoors and enjoy cooler temperatures in an air-conditioned room.  Even if the latter is so much better than the former, in both cases, our skin is stripped off its natural hydration and moisture.

It's a good thing that Vaseline has just released their New body lotions which are infused with micro-droplets of a wonder ingredient that can deeply replenish the skin's lost moisture, Vaseline Jelly .
  1. For everyday healing: Heal dry skin from within the epidermis with the new Vaseline Deep Restore Lotion (in yellow bottle), now with micro-droplets of Vaseline petroleum Jelly.  SRP 100 ml Php 69.30 / 200 ml Php 126.00 / 400 ml Php 225.00.
  2. For healing and fairness:  Heal dry skin and get 4x fairer skin instantly with Vaseline Instant Fair lotion (in pink bottle). 
  3. For targeted areas like elbows, heels and knees: Heal dry skin with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly the original wonder jelly (in clear tub with blue cover).  

A wonder jelly, do-it-all product that can heal burns, rashes, chapped skin, cuts, bruises, etc. was created in 1859 by New York based chemist, Robert A. Chesebrough.  This would later on be labeled as Petroleum Jelly, an important staple in all households because of its healing properties and outstanding skin benefits. 

Today, the healing power of the original wonder jelly can now be found in the New Vaseline body lotions.

A mini-experiment kit was sent over by Vaseline, where they compared the texture of leaves that dried without Vaseline (on the left) and leaves that dried with Vaseline (on the right).  Clearly, even if both leaves had dried up, the leaves that had Vaseline on were still visibly moisturized.

Now, here's something cool to watch, Vaseline took the ultimate test last April 8 to 10, when they mounted a live billboard along C-5 road.  Like the mini-experiment kit that I received, real leaves were also used.  On one half of the billboard the leaves were coated with Vaseline jelly while the other the had had none.  After three days, the difference was visible.  The side that was coated with Vaseline jelly remained vibrant and moisturized, while the other half had dried out completely.  Now, if Vaseline can keep a leaf vibrant and moisturized, can you just imagine what it can do for dry skin?  Check out the live billboard, and witness the healing power of Vaseline:

Is your skin dry?  Take the Dry Skin Test here.

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Heal dry skin with Vaseline lotions!

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