14 June 2015

Helmet Hair Adventures: A new bike route in Subic Bay

On our recent trip to Subic, I spotted a scenic bike route that leads to the old Subic International Airport.  The route is long and there were parts that were hidden from the road where we were travelling by car.  The terrain leading to this new discovered bike route (from our starting point) is a challenge, but the view is to die for.

The total route (in blue) from our starting point (and going back) is an ambitious 17 kilometers (this route is more than what I would normally traverse from Eastwood City to Makati City on a daily basis).  But hey, I'm pretty sure the rewards would far outweigh the challenges.  So, here we go! 

We were able to take photos when we reached the upper tip of the road that leads to our finish line.  Of course, safety first, I was on the side of the road while I was taking photos and at this time which is nearing sunset, there were not much vehicles on the road.  It's the perfect time to go biking.

That feeling when you know you're reaching the finish line: a peace sign in the air, the wind in your hair and in your flushed face, that view of the water coming closer and the sunset that is about to happen in a few minutes - it's all worth it!

The old airport runway is on the left side of the road

Behind me is the runway where  a few airplanes are parked and here I am raising my trophy - my bike!  Haha!

Riding off into the sunset

We love going on bike rides hours before sunset, the skies have that golden glow, the surroundings is much quieter (in Subic Bay, at least) and it is the perfect time to appreciate everything around us.

Our finish line at the end of the old Subic International Airport, The Fisherman's Wharf

It was a challenging but fun ride! 
Do you also want to take bike rides in Subic?  Here are some safety reminders from My Subic Bay
Ride safely everyone!


Alpha Carina said...

Wow! Beautiful views! I've never been to Subic, so it's nice to see pictures of what's out there. Ganda talaga ng pagkakuha mo ng pics ng sunset. :-)

Tina Villa said...

Thank you Alpha Carina. Subic Bay is indeed a beautiful place. I hope one day you get to visit the place and make your own adventures!

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