13 October 2014

Cleaner air indoors with the Sharp Air Purifier

If you are an urbanite like me, you know pretty well that city living has many advantages.  One of the things I like about living in the urban jungle is that everything is within a decent distance: the nearest grocery, mall, health club, movie theater, church, the list goes on.  Although city living has many pluses, it also has a few discomforts attached with it, and one of them is air pollution.

Recently, I've been having allergies in the morning which manifests itself in the form of uncontrolled sneezing.  I knew that it could be something in the air that I'm breathing.  I have previously read about Sharp's Plasmacluster ion technology in their air purifiers and was officially on the look out for one that would be appropriate for our space.

After a thorough selection among Sharp's Air Purifiers, we decided to purchase the Sharp Air Purifier FU-A28E.  It is just the right size for our space and certainly does not stand out like there is an elephant in the room.  It is lightweight at 3.4kg which makes it easy transfer from one room to another with the built in handle at the back.

I also love it's simple design which is easy to clean and it is easy to operate with the function buttons on the top panel: Fan speed mode in low, medium and high (a built-in color indicator located at the front panel displays the current air speed).     

The patented Plasmacluster Ion works by cleaning the air with the use of positive and negative ions.  It proactively spreads through out the room breaking down unpleasant odors and airborne particles floating in the air.  It also breaks down bacteria, molds, viruses and dust mites by inactivating them.

The Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E comes with 2 filters for effective dust filtration and it operates quietly (only 25db on the lowest setting which operates almost silently).

We've had the FUA28E for a week now and we have observed that the air quality in our condo unit has definitely improved, we sleep soundly at night and what's best is I no longer have my morning allergies.  

The Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E

The air outlet and control buttons are on the top panel 

From top to bottom: Fan speed modes in low, medium and high, Plasmacluster Ion Indicator lights and the Power on/off button.   

The back panel with the pre-filter

 The dust collection filter

Use the date as a guide for the filter replacement schedule.  It is suggested that the filter be replaced after 2 years of operating.

For a retail price of Php 6,990.00 (for the Sharp Air Purifier FU-A28E) you can now have cleaner air indoors.  Check-out the other air purifier that will work best for your home at www.sharp.ph

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